Repurpose Fairphone 1 as Pihole

hey all,

Last month the time came to say farewell to my FP1 and find a new phone.

I am now looking to repurpose it as a pihole.
Would it be possible to do this?

It has many benefits over buying a raspberry pi for this:

  1. it has a build in UPS to survive (short) poweroutages
  2. when wall-mounted; the screen could be used to display stats on the current LAN and ads.
  3. it is good for the environment to reuse old electronics!
  4. if successful, it could prove a very nice way for other people as well to repurpose their old (fair)phones.

Are there here people with some experience who could chip in with ideas about the (im)possibilities of a project like this?

I think one prerequisite would be to get some sort of Linux on the FP1. Postmarket seems like a great project for this, but currently the Wifi is not working on the FP1.

Another option is Debian, but the installers I find say they are not (longer) compatible with FP1…


Android already is “some sort of Linux”. :wink: See e. g. Android (operating system) - Wikipedia
Did you try to simply install pihole on your FP1 on top of Android? Maybe it even already works?
(Installing busybox and using the Android Debug Bridge (adb) shell might help here.)

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