Upcycling Fairphones

Hey all,

I am echoing my own post about upcycling a Fairphone 1 to become an adblocker because I just stumbled over the plans of Samsung for upcycling Galaxy phones as IoT devices:

Galaxy Upcycling at Home:
Samsung announced an update to its Galaxy Upcycling program called Galaxy Upcycling at Home. The new program reimagines the lifecycle of an older Galaxy phone and offers consumers options on how they might be able to repurpose their device to create a variety of convenient IoT tools.

They even made a fancy little video

I know there is this great Open Source project called PostmarketOS that tries to bring new live to old devices.

But I was wondering if there are other great ideas how people reuse their old devices here. And with great ideas I mean: truly new, beneficial ideas that upcycle otherwise abandoned phones.

And maybe this could even be something that Fairphone could consider supporting; they are creative enough…


I’ve got a couple of FP2s for parts, one of which I regularly use as a webcam with DroidCam. It works great and it beats most affordable dedicated webcams for resolution, contrast and just overall quality. And the zoom functionality that’s built into the DroidCam client is really handy.


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