Repair shop in France or where can I find a bottom module

My bottom module is not working anymore, people can’t hear me when we are on call.
I wonder if there is a repair shop around me or if I can find a bottom module somewhere.
Thank you,


I don’t know about repair shops but you can get a new bottom module from Fairphone for €25. You can also keep an eye out for a bottom module in the ‘Offer’ section of this forum if you don’t mind a secondhand specimen.

Edit: guess I can’t read

The bottom modul e is out oft stock since approx half a year…they only have a few for warranty Cases and then they are for free…

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Right you are, I guess I need to learn how to read.

Depending on where you are precisely, maybe look up a local Angel, or see if they can send you a module for cheap?

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