Render checkboxes

[ ] They’re not currently rendered.

I’m not sure what you are getting at the > Details relate to screen brightness not a forum GUI

If you are talking about the Discourse UI where do you expect to see a [checkbox]

If you were to create a poll you would get options for checking but there are circles not boxes


That’s the origin of the request. It provided additional demonstration of a use-case for it.

You don’t seem familiar with Markdown. The .md code

[ ]

should render a checkbox. That was why I used [ ] in the above example.

I don’t see the relevance.

This makes it sound like a bug or shortcoming, but as your link shows, this is a plugin, so it’s optional, so it simply doesn’t seem to be installed here yet.
But as it is an official plugin, the question would be: why not install it?

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Yes I see that :slight_smile:

There’s lot of markdown and html that do not render, it changes over the years :person_shrugging:

I was wondering why you wanted the check box

You may like to see


Because every additional plugin will probably bring more administration work and possible problems (although I agree that official plugins should be better here than inofficial ones).
So I’d just vote for installing “relevant” plugins. And even after reading the usage example I honestly still can’t see this as relevant…


Maybe this is what you were hoping for