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How can I type as a plain, non-hyperlinked text (and without grey background)?

Not that elegant, but possible: HTML (leave out the three blanks): < font> Text< /font>
Just putting the closing tag < /font> at the end actually does the trick, too: (No, will not work when another hyperlink precedes this in the same paragraph

Just use the html code for one of the separators rather than a full top


I found some discussion about this in the Discourse forum.

So <span></span> should work:


Thanks for your approaches. I’ll try them out.

Update: It seems the problem is with the preceding link. | (using accent keys `` ) | (using amoun’s period code) | (using hirnsushi’s span tag)

To refer to the “use case”, it’s the Contact line below the photo here that is concerned: 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Fairphone Community Aachen :community_round: 10 Mai 2022

I might have to consider putting all the links in that line into a href HTML tags.

Update 2: Dang, that doesn’t help either :frowning: | (using accent keys `` ) | (using amoun’s period code) | (using hirnsushi’s span tag)

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I just tried aachen.fairphone<span>.</span>community and that seems to work:

Contact: E-Mail | Mastodon | Twitter | Instagram |


Ingenious :laughing: Thanks!


A simpler way perhaps?
aachen\ →

Edit: mistake


I have not read the whole thread, it’s a bit too big. But I can help out here a bit. The past week I took some days off from work and worked on a map for another forum. I was inspired by the FP map and I made it work with the JSON output.

I’ve created this simple plugin to add custom fields:

I’m also working on a few other improvements. Once I’m satisfied of my map, I’ll take the time to merge my improvements back into the FP map :tada:

Reference: Accredit Fairphone in a modified version of the Fairphone map + 'heaven' listings? · Issue #15 · WeAreFairphone/fpangels-hp · GitHub

In any case, this is my version of it. I first need to a break from this stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


It seems there is no longer a difference between bold and double bold.

****double bold****

Maybe an anomaly that it ever existed

I checked it in the sandbox environment with the Arial font and default Discourse CSS. I didn’t see any difference.


What a beautiful link!

[What a beautiful link!]( "Link titles can be created in Markdown, too")

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