Remove Google Search bar (new after Update)

how to remove the ugly Google Searchbar on the Top of the Startscreen?
have a nice day

I’ve never seen any Google Searchbar on my FP… But you should be able to drag it to the top of your screen, where “X delete” should appear. Just drag it to that text (the bar should turn red) and “drop” it there.

me too never seen that before.
i no, i can’t remove it, it is fix, it is not turnig red but cray.
I will have to do a factory reset i belive, i keep it tidy till now without google

What Launcher are you using? The Searchbar is probably coming with the Launcher!

i am not sure which launcher it is - it changed after the update
befor the update i had it on the side to start 5 apps - now it is on the bootem

but at this time, most i want start give a error problem

have a nice day

do you have the fairphone updater app?

@vikozo can you make a screenshot of your launcher and your google search bar by pressing the power and volum down button at the same time? Maybe that will help us know what you are dealing with exactly.

I believe you accidentally updated your Fairphone to “Vanilla Android” (the version of Android without modifications by Fairphone). That’s why you see the apps on the bottom.

If you cannot find the Fairphone Updater app on your phone to install Fairphone OS, you can install Fairphone OS Cherry 1.6 manually.