Religious discussion ... please feel free to give this topic a proper title ;-)

Pretty sure that’s Nietzsche.


I know, I know, but Darwin had more impact :wink:


You forgot also the rest of the quote:

~Nietzsche is dead. (God)~



The ones saying God is dead are in their Graves - While Jesus rose from the Grave 3 days later now and alive forever more. I’ll rather stand with the Living then the Lying Dead! :wink:

Usually the Quote is pointed to the German and dead Nietzsche - no idea if Darwin ever said it. But even Darwin I think would today have seen his great error in promoting pagan bullshit - if he would see what we have found in our time. But of course we know people will go to great length in clinging to there bullshit so I might be wrong.

But did Darwin say it is the Question - for if not you are lying and promoting something which is false and we should not do that.

What a great time for a short reminder …

I know it’s hard when we slide into religious exchanges where nobody succeeds in converting anybody else to any point, but … keep it civil :wink: .


Martin Luther with his rudeness did pretty good even with his many issues in standing up for the truth giving and releasing the Bible for the people to read for themself - and freeing us from Roman Despotic Tyrany for a while. When half of Europe understood that the so called Pope was the AntiChrist of the number 666.

Well … Martin Luther, whatever you might think of him, was not a user posting in this forum and thus didn’t need to adhere to the rules here. We forum users now here, however, do.


The world in our state would not have the ears to listen to Martin Luther as we don’t care for any truth anymore. He would be Banned and seen as a hatespeaker and closed down and censored everywhere sadly. He put his life on the line as many others who was butchered, burned, drowned and/tortures so we could have the Bible in our hands in our own tongue as Romanisn lead by the AntiChrist was and is persecuting the truth and the people standing for it. It is still the same ongoing battle that is waging in our time and it has been ongoing for around 2000 years. The so called Pope is the AntiChrist of the number 666 and now you know what half of Europe all knew by second nature in the past while protesting against this Little Roman Horn. They where called Protestants although there history seems to most people to be forgotten.

I moved some off-topic posts here from this topic.

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Ok, thanks “god” :smile: that the forum has a mute function for threads!

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Thanks God that nowadays many Christians of various denominations stand together in their faith. :innocent:

@JesusIsGodAlmighty As a Catholic Christian I’m sorry if the Roman Catholic church has somehow upset you in any way and want to ask for forgiveness. Same as you, Catholic Christians would confess that “Jesus is God Almighty”. :slight_smile:

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I’m (temporarily) closing this topic, because it has gotten out of hand.

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