128GB version of FairPhone3?

Anyone knows if there is any thoughts of upgrading the FairPhone3 to a version with 128GB internal space. Like, 64 GB is really not much in our days you know.

The phone would become much more interesting with more internal space - and how much can it really add to the cost of the phone?

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There has been no talk of this, and I do not think that it will happen - after all, there’s an SD card slot so you can expand your FP3’s memory far beyond 128GB.


I know but even with the SD-slot it is easy to fill things up - so a minimum of 128 would have been nice. At the moment I have an old LG V20 with 64 GB internal and 400 External and I’ve been running short for a long while. So… It would be more tasty if they upgraded the internal space for people like me - or gave the option at least to pay a little more, and to get a little more. Can’t be that big of a difference in design to do that?

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When I go to buy a product like a phone I tend to compare and contrast, weigh the pros and cons, and then choose the product I want. Of course I came across products that unfortunately were missing a feature I desired, but it never crossed my mind to complain about it, I’d simply choose a different product. But on this forum, people seem to have some demand for Fairphone every day. It’s ridiculous to think a big company would get you all the features you like, so why do you expect such a small company to do so?


As you can imagine the difference would be in a higher price. Since 99.9% of users do not need 528 GB worth of files on their phones, they would rather enjoy a lower priced device.


You can already buy a 512 GB card and I have already heard from one FP3 user who confirmed it works in his device. And I guess 512 is not the end of the road either (from what I remember 1 or 2 TB are theoretically possible in an SDXC card).

I believe the fact that higher end smartphones now sometimes come with more internal storage than 64 GB is simply because of the tendency of major smartphone manufacturers to not include an SD card slot at all.

If almost or more than 500 GB of (combined) storage wasn’t enough for me (mass storage is indeed important to me as well – I want to have my personal music collection with me even when I’m in airplane mode), I’d probably ask for a second SD slot rather than more internal storage (no clue if that is possible though). :angel:


Yep. That is the very reason why and it all began with Apple and their music streaming service cult. Naturally others have followed along, now streaming apps are pushing themselves very aggressively and manufacturers complying with the “cloud phone strategy”. Why do we need 5G again? 4K streaming. Why do we need it? Because it’s new.

I’m pretty sure that Fairphone won’t change the FP3 Design

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Sorry to hear that.
But I can assure you, that it will take only a short while, until you run short with 64 GB extra again.

And, just to make you happy, there already is a solution for you:

SanDisk Extreme ® microSDXC ™ UHS-I CARD with 1 TB

Fast enough to keep up with the action

Get extreme speeds for fast transfer, app performance, and 4K UHD.2 Ideal for your Android™ smartphone, action cameras or drones, this high-performance microSD card does 4K UHD video recording, Full HD video, and high-resolution photos. The super-fast SanDisk Extreme® microSDXC™ memory card reads up to 160MB/s* and writes up to 90MB/s.* Plus, it’s A2-rated, so you can get fast application performance for an exceptional smartphone experience.

If that doesn’t do it for you, you are lost (in my opinion), since another 64 GB would mean just 6% more memory.

And the SDXC-Card is at the moment available in Germany from € 333 and in the UK from € 406 (according to the price-comparison page Geizhals).


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Hmm… Why is the main data storage of the FP3 not basically a exchangeable modul?

I guess, it’s not that easy.
One relevant reason, that comes to my mind, is that a socket that you would need to plug in a memory-chip would add a lot (in percentage) to the thickness and size of the phone, while there is no real need with SD-cards to add lots of storage.
There might be other technical reasons; but I am not aware of those, as I have no knowledge in this regard.


Because an FP with all socketed chips would look like this!


Sweet. :heart_eyes:

We could put a microwave oven in there.


I think the microSD option is the lowest common denominator.

On my FP3, I currently use 24,95 GB of the main memory. I put in a 128 GB SD card when I set up the phone, but have never used it so far.

I do not store Spotify playlists or Netflix episodes locally and back up my photos to Google Photos. And I delete unused apps on a regular basis.


Are you saying it would not be prudent to have the user decide if he needs more internal space as an option? You don’t think people would put out more money out for more internal memory if they want it?
64 GB is just to little in my eyes - I’m struggling with my own mobile to keep it from not filling up - as many applications are forcefully using the internal space.

I know rmf - but that is just not enough I know. While these companies push to have applications forcefully use the internal in replacement of the external. And some of what I have would not be fitting either to have on the External. It all fills up quickly :confused:

I would suggest a 128 GB version for the FairPhone - I can’t be the only one that would be happy to see that. And really, how much more in price are we talking about?

It depends on how you use it. My FP2 has 32GB of storage, and only 13GB are taken. PIctures, music and backups are all on the SD card.

While it is possible to move applications to the SD card, what apps are you using that are taking up so much space? Maybe clearing some caches would work?


Don’t take it negatively I’m sure I’m not the only one that would like more internal storrage and pay whatever extra is needed to get it. It is just an help to point something that might be an issue and could not be that hard to fix. They could try making some and see how the sales compare :slight_smile: To get the user the choice.

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