Recently switched to LineageOS for Microg, performance in games is significantly lower and transitions are laggy

I have a Fairphone 3+, that was on its base FairphoneOS.
I recently unlocked it and proceeded to clean flash LineageOS for MicroG. I also rooted it with Magisk. It is the latest Lineage 17.1, everything is up to date.

But I notice that the general performances are much worse than with my previous base OS. For example, in the game “Mindustry”, I was running at around 55fps. Now, with LOS4MicroG, I am running at only 40fps.
I observe the same behavious for most of the games, I nearly always have a -15fps drop.

I also feel that transitions are less fluid than before, but that is difficult to put a number on.

What could be the cause of this ? Is this normal ? What should I check ?
Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need more data.
Any answer, any help is welcome.
Have a great dat

This may be the same as the lag of custom ROMa mentioned here (including an according bug reference):


OP from that post appeared!

Yep I think that is the same problem. A workaround would be to enable the Performance profile in the battery settings but your screen on time will reduce significantly to about 4h (on a degoogled FairphoneOS [more on that below] I get up to 12h of screen on time.)

We don’t have a LineageOS solution yet, maybe/hopefully it will get fixed with Android 11 firmware we will see in summer.

One solution from my side is making your own LineageOS from the stock ROM. Degoogle it via root (remove almost EVERYTHING related to google in /system/(priv-)app except the ExtShared libraries and the PackageInstaller) and install MicroG alongside with all the other AOSP apps.

A whole repository with AOSP apps and some extra FOSS apps like AuroraOSS (Store, Droid, Warden etc.) and MicroG:

(You will need something like 7zip on Windows to extract the files)

Now you have something similar to the Fairphone 2 Open OS!

EDIT: If you are interested and need a list of folders to remove I can send you one. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can soft-brick your phone and you will have to reflash the firmware.

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Thanks for your answers. If I understood correctly, this problem doesn’t have a solution yet. It is linked to LineageOS. But do you know exactly what in LineageOS is causing this ?

But could it be because I did something wrong during the installation ? I followed carefuly the guide provided by official Lineage, except that I installed Lineage for MicroG.

Also, you say this is happening with custom ROMS on FP3+. Would it be the same with /e/ ?

Finally, I agree to try using FairphoneOS but de-bloated. But the risk of soft-brick you are mentionning is not a risk I want to take. But I’m still insterested if you have a complete and precise guide for this.

Is there no way to install an already debloated version of FairphoneOS, like I did for Lineage ?

Thanks in advance for any answer, have a great day

There is a preformed script:

or you can do it more carefully, see my step by step, although the adb downloads are for the Raspberry pi4.

hi i instaled lineage 18.1 (23.08) and its still laggy ecept when i switch to performance mode …what costs a lot of battery… i like lineage since years and id rather keep it then a debloatet stock rom… so my question is .is there any news about a solution or that it get fixed in the future?

Please consider that the SoC (Snapdragon 632) is not that powerful to play certain games…

its not aabout playing games…i never play on my phones…it lags while scroling and doesent run smooth. lags lots .the cpu mostley stays at 1036 mhz or lower on balanced mode and also doesent change in fast mode… only performance mode when the cpu is locked at 1804 it runs smooth. and as i readed in older topics its a problem since lineage 17…

Hmm, how did you install LineageOS? Did you update without formatting/wiping the data partition first, or is it a clean installation?

i made a clean install first with gapps and then a second onr without gapps with the version from 16.08. then i updatet to 23.08. i also tried to make a clean with the 23.08

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