Suggestions for future FairphoneOS builds + Feedback

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the Fairphone 3 for about 3 moths now and it was a good choice and I don’t feel like getting a new phone any time soon.

I bought this phone to use it with /e/ OS but for now I have to stick to a root-debloated, root-degoogled and heavily root-modified version of FairphoneOS (and it’s not bad at all!) because there is a major issue with /e/ and literally every Android 10 custom ROM where the screen is laggy, not responsive and the user experience is ruined. The /e/ guys announced that they’ll fix this in the next update, but when you look at the GitLab its only 26% completed so we will have to wait a bit:

In the few months that I’ve been using FairphoneOS I noticed some things that I wanted to give Feedback on, some improvement suggestions, also some complaints, but also some good things and maybe it would also help the development and I hope I am not the only one who noticed those points :joy:


  • Camera has been improved a bit
  • Android 10 upgrade
  • Firmware can be flashed on all major OSs
  • Firmware can (idk if it should xD) be downgraded
  • Not much bloat compared to other vendors
  • Battery life is good (especially when degoogled/without play services)


  • Make the camera icon adaptive and maybe change the package name to so icon packs detect it
  • Change the margin between the quick settings/screen edge and quick settings icons/toggles

I can’t explain this well. Look at the difference between those pictures: (Correct from my point of view) (On Fairphone it’s like this but even worse, the icons are almost falling off the quick settings :joy:)

  • Allow Vendor and Product partitions to be Read - Write
  • Make the settings status bar white so it fits Google’s material design 2
  • Change the accent color to blue (similar to pixel blue)
  • Remove the padding of the status bar clock and remove the carrier indicator


  • Better custom ROM compatibility

Sorry if this post seems strange, I would never write this to something like Google. But I thought that giving some feedback and suggesting some improvements might help improve the phone and it’s software. Of course I am not forcing anybody from the team to include those changes :slight_smile:

Mine seemed fine in dark mode as their is another 3 or 4mm each side of the screen in black, but when I saw the screen shot I had to edit this post:)?

This is actually exactly what I mean. Maybe you don’t notice it because you have dark mode on but notice how the icons are very close to the screen edge but far away from each other? It wasn’t like that on older FairphoneOS versions and it isn’t like that on any other ROM.

As i said its just a suggestion and also a minor one

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The /e/ Gitlab issue notes there’s a simple workaround which reportedly works.
The workaround should eat some battery, but battery life is one of the stronger suits of the Fairphone 3/3+.

Yes I know that there is a workaround but it also has two problems:

  • Has to be re-enabled after every reboot
  • Drains way more battery (as you already said)

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