Reasons for owning a Fairphone


I’m an anthropology-student writing my bachelor’s thesis after returning from Amsterdam where I conducted Fieldwork regarding the discourse of the ethical phonemarket in the Netherlands, with particular focus on Fairphone. I had trouble finding Fairphone users in ‘real life’, so I thought I would try here. Any and all answers to these questions would be of assistance!:

  • What was/is your reasonings for purchasing a Fairphone?
  • What is of most importance to you when purchasing a phone?
  • Transparency is a key element for Fairphone - how would you rate the importance for transparency for you personally, when buying goods? (not just when buying smartphones)
  • In what ways would you say this online (sometimes offline) community adds value to your Fairphone?
  • What is your home country? Age?

Thanks in advance!

A future Fairphone user!

PS: I hope it is ok for me to (potentially) use your username in my thesis - so not your full ‘private’ name, only username. It will only be read by my supervisor and my censor.


Will send you answers via PM (for privacy reasons and to not skew results).


Will do it the same way as Jeroen. :smile:


Sent PM, hope it was of help.


I did the same - sent you a PM. Good luck with your research!


Wishing you all the best for your study and your studies.
Just keep in mind, that this forum will generate answers most likely by very active and engaged Fairphone users. I guess, it can be said, that some have taken this project to their heart, which is the reason, that this forum is such a great community, so open and helpful towards everyone.
But it’s not a representation of all the Fairphone owners out there. :wink:


can I send you a PM?


Of course you can :slight_smile:

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Replied in PM - good luck with the thesis! If you need ‘live’ interviews with FP-users, feel free to react in PM too.


Sent you a PM. Good luck!

Can you tell me how I can send you a PB

You can’t send a PM right after joining, you have to browse the forum for 10-15 minutes, and you get a promotion to level 1 or 2 or whatever it is - and then you can send PMs. @anthroo can send you a PM right away, however, and then you can reply.


I’ll send you a pm then :slight_smile:

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OK, Olivia, you can send me a PM

Hartelijke Groet

Wicher Wijcherson

Hi Wicher,

I hope you don’t mind that I edited your post to remove the phone number. This is a public forum, so anyone can read it and publishing your phone number is a very bad idea.


Good topic! In case you haven’t found it yet, you might check out this older thread for more samples that overlap with your questions:

So far I have seen two other Fairphones in the wild, both times because their cover was the same color as mine (coral FP2). Once in the metro here in Paris, once on the top of a tower in Berlin.

Like @JeroenH, I will reply by private message.

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I moved your topic to #participate because

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I replied by PM.

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This is fascinating.
If you want to answer the thread author questions do not read this before, but: @anthroo, there was some people in How big are the FP3 niches? who were asking questions about the niche aspect of the Fairphone. Maybe they’ll be glad to discuss with you?
I do not own a Fairphone (yet) but I am very curious about your thesis. I will be very glad to have the opportunity to read it when finished! (If it is translated to english someday)
Until then, courage for your thesis!

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I can answer in a public way:


deleted due to the plausible objection of BertG.