Reasons for owning a Fairphone

I’ve always strived to buy the most environmentally friendly products possible. This was my first ever smartphone, so I’m not in a position to compare its functionality to anything else. Although I was taken aback by how much charging it requires.
UK, aged 45

One main reason for answering by PM besides privacy issues is

It is a known fact, that people are likely to be biased by previous statements, as many tend to agree rather than to disagree (avoiding conflicts).


@BertG: I searched once again but I don’t find the function to send a PM, sorry. Can you give me a hint?

You click on the avatar of the user you want to PM.
In the top-right hand corner of the pop-up window, you will find the button “Message” with an envelope as symbol.
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Hi again,

As I have finished my thesis, the people who participated by providing insights in my inbox are very welcome to read it if they want to! It is in english.

Just write me if you want to read it and I’ll send it to you :slight_smile:


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