Randomly disconnects during phone calls

In the last few weeks my Fairphone has started dropping calls in the middle of them. It just hangs up. The screen is black when this happens, hence im sure its not me hanging up ‘with my face’ if smiling etc.
Also on another note, since the Android 10 update i have the date and weather temp showing double on my screen. It does not help to restart the phone.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar or know how i can fix any of the problems?

Thanks in advance.

To remove date and weather on the home screen look here: Date and weather on screen after FP3 update


Hi @Mia_Bech

There are a number of things that come to mind with calls dropping.

Firts network issues a) do you knwo if you have your phone set to 3G, 4G etc. as if it on Auto it will saerch and switch between them if the one being used is unstable or weak, this can happen as not only do the network outputs change as a consequence of hardware and software at the transmitter but reception is effected by the weather. Locally I da the problem that the transmitting mast was deactivated and I rely on one further away.

Another issue is if you have wifi enabled too.

  • If you have access to another SIM card on a different network try that.
  • Disable wifi
  • Select 3G for example to stop searching.

Of course there is always the issue of what other apps you are using and if any have been updated just before this issue arose.


Thank you Ingo :slight_smile:


Arrh okay. Yes i know i have some problems with network as it automatically switches to wifi connection for phonecalls (Icon is a little phone handle with the wifi ‘waves’), so that does make a lot of sense. Actually a bit embarrasing that i didnt connect thoes two myself :sweat_smile: Thank you Amoun!


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