Date and weather on screen after FP3 update

I updated my FP3 last night. I now have the date, temperature and weather condition in big letters across the top of my screen. It is taking up unnecessary space, so I want that gone. I cannot find out how to switch that off though… Anyone?

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That problem has been reported across several topics that have to do with the Android 10 update.
At the moment there is no way to configure the default launcher to not show this so-called “at a glance” widget. It’s a default Google seems to deem so important that users can’t do anything about it.

As a workaround you can install an alternative launcher app like Nova Launcher or Lawnchair


Briljant, thanks! I used Nova Launcher. Got exactly what I wanted in 5 minutes of checking this app out. Did not use Lawnchair as it says not to support Android 10, and apparently needs several additional apps to function.


I keep reading about this issue, but my home screen looks exactly the same as before? I take it it’s the same widget I was already using with Android 9 that is apparently was removable before? I use the weather thingy quite often so it’s not bothering me.

Hello, in my display there is a “wigdet” with the current time and weather. When I press on this widget in order to delete it, I only get the “Preferences” option. How can I delete this widget?

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I’ve moved your question to this topic as it’s the same problem.
Please have a look at the post marked as solution.


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