Random Screen dimming (while brightness slider stays at 100%) after A12 update

I don’t buy the ethical socio-green-washing myself. I bought my Fairphone half for the repairability and half for the unlockable bootloader.

Seeing as though Fairphone might turn out to be rather flaky and/or possibly on the brink of tanking (I’ve been around long enough in this industry to know the signs… Sorry guys but it donẗ smell good) I’ve stocked up on parts that are likely to break in my almost-new Fairphone 4. And I’ve preemptively unlocked my bootloader again in case Fairphone’s website goes silent.

With my little war chest and the modular design of the phone, and the unlocked bootloader, I should be good to go for a few years to come even if Fairphone goes belly up tomorrow. And since I live in a generally frigid country, the screen dimming bug doesn’t affect me too badly.

So I’m a happy camper personally. But that’s just me.


Hey all, I just want to clear up the question about when this will be fixed. We had some final kinks to iron out, and unfortunately we didn’t meet the cutoff for the next update (after the one that will come out later today).

The good news is that the fix is confirmed and will be included in the October update. I know that timeline is a bit disappointing. We have to finalize the software before it goes out for approval by Google and numerous partners so we’re limited in how quickly we can make changes.

I’ll update the tickets as soon as I can.


I just got a support ticket response from Lesley (official FP employee) stating that FP has not found a root cause yet. Yet here I read something else entirely.

Can you please clarify this discrepancy and also make sure that support tickets use the same data you are using to inform customers?


Thanks for flagging this. The details from my previous comment are correct and the same will be shared in any future ticket replies. Existing tickets will receive an update/clarification shortly.


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just installed the latest update to PF4. auto dimming not fixed.

śr., 23 sie 2023, 12:08 użytkownik Daniel Schärer via Fairphone Community Forum <forum@fairphone.com> napisał:

“The good news is that the fix is confirmed and will be included in the October update”, wrote Yasen_Tomov.

If I remember well, recently update fix ‘ghosts inputs’.


Too bad :disappointed:. It is such a hinderance in use

We estimate that the update will be released around the start of October. I understand this estimate may be a bit disappointing. After our software developers finish working on an update, it takes week of testing before it is actually released. By the time the solution was finalized, it was too late to include it in the September update.

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Thank you. Let’s hope it will be resolved :pray:

I personally prefer dark mode, but I would recommend light mode all the time on an LCD display. Dark mode won’t save battery and compared to e.g. an OLED screen, dark mode on an LCD with low max brightness is going to be a pain.

Based on experience with both kinds of display on phones :slight_smile:


I had not previously experienced this problem, but I was recently on holiday spending a lot of time outdoors and (happily !) often in hot sunshine. The problem hit me smack in the face as soon as I attempted to take a landscape photo. I subsequently found that, whatever app I was using, if I turned the phone to landscape, the screen would turn off. If I turned back to portrait, the screen came on again immediately. If I turned the screen gradually, I would see the screen dim before becoming completely black.

Auto-rotate is off, but continues to work in Open Camera that I use.

The screen being dark does not affect the functioning of the app. I was able to take landscape photos (albeit approximate from the composition / framing point of view :roll_eyes: ).

Since this problem only occurred in hot sunlight when the device had been heated by the sun (but not early in the morning for example), I think it might be associated with the proximity sensor problem as mentioned by Uppercase in post 300.

[Edit: deleted text left in case others encounter the same phenomenon.]

Were you not wearing sunglasses when the “issue occurred” polarized sunglasses block the screen when the phone is landscape mode happened to me a few weeks ago confused me at first until i took off the glasses to realise the screen wasn’t actually dimmed


Just checked, that indeed likely was my problem! I probably just wasn’t wearing sunglasses in the early morning.

And welcome to the forum by the way! :slightly_smiling_face:

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great news,

would you be able to link to the source code of this fix?

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When it comes to source code, everything we can share is available on the Fairphone Open Source pages. Anything else is off limits.


This should be fixed in Android 13. Does anyone still have this problem? I tried using the phone in direct sunlight today and I didn’t notice any drop in brightness. I mostly had this happen in the car while running navigation and charging, so I still need to test that, but otherwise I think it’s indeed fixed and we can mark it as solved in the list.

no sunlight here, would wait a few days more to call this solved…

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I was just outside and didn’t notice any drops in brightness. (It’s sunny here.)

Yeah, waiting a few days is reasonable.