Random Screen dimming (while brightness slider stays at 100%) after A12 update

I’ve been testing Android 13 since the morning. The screen never dims. No matter where I used it. Outdoors or indoors. It’s finally working properly. FP 4

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Finally after 8 months this problem is solved



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for me the issue doesn’t seem to be resolved. I received an update yesterday, and first I thought the screen dimming was gone. But today I played Brawl Stars (which is my benchmark game for that issue) and after about 6 minutes the screen dimmed again to about 80%. And the phone wasn’t even hot.

I have to mention that I’m on CalyxOS, but since the issue is in the fairphone firmware or vendor blobs, it should also be resolved on custom roms, if they include the patch.

EDIT: calyxOS 4.14.0 does NOT yet include the fairphone fix!

Could you confirm your android and firmware versions and also confirm whether the issue is fixed for you?

Android 13
CalyxOS 4.14.0
Platform: October 6, 2023
Kernel: October 5, 2023
Vendor: August 5, 2023
Firmware: August 5, 2023

Ok you are not using FPOS maybe Calyx has not added the patch yet, I would rather ask the Calyc developer.

The fix was inteoduced on Monday by Fairphone


You’re right. I asked on the matrix channel and the patches have not been included in the update yesterday. I was confused because the vendor and firmware dates seemed to match those from the fairphone announcement. That’s why I asked for the version info.

Well, usually calyxOS rolls out vendor updates pretty timely. I guess I have to be a little bit more patient.


To check if it’s the exact same issue that we had on Android 12, you can just heat up the phone using any gentle heating device, like a space heater or the hotbed of a 3D printer.

The bug is triggered when the CPU goes over 40°C. This can happen if you run a game, but if the ambient temperature is low enough, that will not trigger it.

So to test this, do the following:

  • Turn auto screen brightness off, and manually turn the brightness to maximum
  • Place the phone in an environment that’s 40-60°C hot (much hotter than that could damage the phone)
  • Wait for a bit and see if the screen brightness drops

If you want to, you can also download any sensor app that lets you read the CPU temperature sensor. If the sensor goes >45°C and the screen brightness hasn’t dropped, the bug is gone.

(I’m still on Android 12, because I read quite a few reports of random reboots or not booting at all on Android 13. I’ll wait to see if these issues get fixed before I upgrade.)


Is there an information, when the Android 12 update is going to be released. /e/ still has problems with updating to Android 13 especially in terms of OTA. According to this overview, there is no related Android 12 update yet (last one in September): https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405858220945-Fairphone-4-OS-Release-Notes#h_01GRPXBWXM1CGCNBKDPZ300RKG

Which Android 12 update? From Fairphone? There will not be any further updates. The update Ingo was talking about was only for very few people on specific networks.

…and even those have since been upgraded to A13 (at least Orange FR users) with the FP4.TP1X.C.079-20231013 update, some weeks ago.
AFAIK at this point in time all FP4s are supposed to be on A13.

Which Android 12 update?

The one I referenced.

There will not be any further updates.

There will as it was announced it the referenced post or it wasn’t the truth.
I don’t think FP can build firmware updates for only a few people. It has to be a general one. Maybe you don’t understand basic technologys behind os builds?

And what he said is, that there will be an update, because some people need it. Not that the update will only come for a few people.

…and even those have since been upgraded to A13 (at least Orange FR users) with the FP4.TP1X.C.079-20231013 update, some weeks ago.
AFAIK at this point in time all FP4s are supposed to be on A13.

The firmware update is also needed for custom ROMs like /e/os (FP and e foundation have a cooperation). And until now there is no simple way to update to T (Android 13) why we were looking for the promised update.

Well as you can see on the release page, they can send updates via OTA only to a few people and so they did. To avoid issues for others, they might not have released it to the public for manual installation. This is something Murena has to fix and I’m sure they are able to get it if needed. I suggest to talk to them.

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