Random reboots (also with 15.1)

Hi there,
on LOS 14.1 I already had these random reboots, but I didn’t find Motivation to claim it, since I didn’t think there’d be a solution to it. I thought, it might be caused by the Alternative OS, because when I started using LOS on the fairphone it wasn’t yet officially supported. Well, after a clean install of LOS 15.1 (and also after update 09/24) I still got these random reboots. To me it seems as if it was caused by an overload of RAM or CPU, since it mostly happens then when I want to use my navigation app (HereWeGo) or when there is a load of apps running in the background.
you got some hints for me?
thanks and Cheers

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I had some random reboots with the 20180903 build, but not before that and not since then.

I have set the performance profile to Efficiency (Settings - Battery - Battery saver and performance).

Else see the #rebootsguide for some general hints.

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I had random reboots immediately after buying the phone and installing 14.1. To analyze the cause I installed the latest official FPOS (non-open) and all updates and used the phone for 2,5 days without rebooting - verifying that the hardware itself was innocent. After reinstalling 14.1 the reboots were gone. My guess: firmware and/or patches only included in FPOS.


Indeed, there are firmware parts that can be installed for alternative OSes via TWRP in the form of the modem.zip …

@hirntot: What does it say in Settings - System - About phone - Baseband version?

With the latest modem.zip installed it should be “4437.1-FP2-0-08”.


well, mine ends with 0-07 , so I just installed the newest modem.zip via twrp. let’s check it out for some days. thanks so far!

Hey Chris,

since the conversion to LineageOS 15 i have some reboots … Is it again this Apple Router problem @work :slight_smile: ?..
last_kmsg File.


LineageOS Version: 15.1-20181022-NIGHTLY-FP2
modem: 18.03.1

The random-reboot count per day has been an exponential curve for me over the last 1.5 year.

Don’t have any fix.

Was thinking of hardware overheat?

How about the performance profile? …

My experience about the reboots is not related to the heat of the SOC. In that case the reboot should happen when the workload is high. But I can not remember a reboot of my device when I was directly using it, like typing a message or reading a website. The reboots always happen for me when the phone is out of my hands. Sometimes when it is charging, when I hear music, or when it is laying idle on the table.
To make a long story short: No repeatable behavior recognizable for me.
It is a little strange.


For what it’s worth, few months ago, I resolved ALL the reboots I used to have (on FFOS or LOS 14.1 ) by changing the files system used on my sd card.


I will give that a try this evening.

How do you change profile. Do you mean Battery saver Toggle ON?

… There’s a slider there which you can use to set the profile.

This is what I see. I don’t have any other options.

Which LineageOS build are you on?

Sorry my mistake. I’m currently on the FairphoneOS.

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My phone reproducibly reboots while charging over night after the Oreo update (I have since turned it off for charging). In the following morning it usually reboots once while idling in my pocket.

Maybe I should try changing the SD card format as suggested.