Sd card - file system - LOS

A short remark about the use of sd card with LOS:
I’m using LOS with a 64Go Sd Card as external storage for quite a while now and I noticed I had some reboots and on a regular basis I needed to unmount and re-mount the SD card to be able to use it.
Some apps had some trouble to understand was the sd card was sometimes not available.
At the beginning I thought maybe it was a hardware issue; the sd card was maybe not enough stuck into the internal sd card reader but I had such a hard time to remove the sd card I thought this is something else.
Then I notice the sd card was using the file system NTFS when I bought it and android never complain to use it as external storage as such.
But since I formatted it using the included tool of android the sd card is using the vfat system and never got a single issue with the sd card since and no reboot as well.

Short story: using vfat as file system for the sd card seems more stable than NTFS.


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