Random key action

I know that there were threads on this topic already, but get real: the “try a hard reset, wipe everything” answer is something I’d expect from the callcenters of Samsung or HTC. I do think that is fair to expect the users help troubleshooting, but trying if a problem temporarily disappears when everything is deleted and reset may help in gaining short term user satisfaction, but it won’t help removing the cause, so it is not fair :wink:

Anyway, our FP2 sometimes starts to open apps, dial numbers, just as if a random generator produces arbitrary x and y coordinates on the touchscreen (I programmed such for a attraction mode of a 1st person shooter, looks quite similar…). The phone was not on the charger or connected to anything while it happened, nor was it hot due to heavy usage.


For me that sounds like a hardware problem or humidity in the phone.
A friend of mine had a similar problem (with a Sony samartphone) and resolved it when he opened the phone (included taking out battery, SIMcard, SDcard) and putted it on the always warm coffee-machine.
After a long meeting the phone was dried-out and everithing was ok.
Or you can put the opened phone one night in a box of rice.
If that not works, I think you must send your FP2 back.

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