Buttons pressed randomly

Send it in for warranty claiming then.

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Just got the same problem as you. Did you get a warranty claim? What did you have to do?

In response to Stefan’s post (https://forum.fairphone.com/t/touch-screen-activating-by-itself/2626/8?u=doraxp)

I have done a screen test. Red squares turn green without me doing anything at all with the screen or the phone. This happens from the bottom left corner along the middle of the left side. I have done this twice.

I have also performed a factory reset, and a hard reset. The screen is unresponsive, and when it does respond, you see entries made from characters on the left side.

The phone is unusable, basically, after only 3 months. Very dissappointed. I have emailed support, but who knows how long it will take to get a response (with Christmas / New Year break and all), how long it will take to fix, and how much it will cost me - I’d expect a warranty replacement or fix, as I have not handled the phone in any inappropriate way - let alone having to beg other people for a spare phone to use in the meantime - or two, as I have two SIM cards…

I am sorry for the inconvenience!

If this started after the (later postponed) upgrade to 1.8, it could still be, that the issue is solved by a downgrade to 1.6. However,.to be honest, I doubt so… :frowning:

I hope you get a response from support as soon as possible. They are back in office on Monday (29. Dec. 2014).

I doubt it is related to the update, as the problem occurred until after 15 days of the update.

I don’t think the downgrade would help; I can’t even set the phone up for its first use. Let’s see how soon I get a response. Would love to see what response other users had when they encountered the same problem.

I got the same problem. Phone randomly “pressing” screen, only in the right side. Did the screen test and a blur of white lines showed up in the right side with one red square turning green in the lower right side. It is not possible for me to downgrade or do anything at all as the phone keeps accessing apps and activating functions (pressing" whatwever is there to press)
I haven´t updated (as far as I know, so thats not the problem)
What do I do now? send in the phone?
(I have been quite happy with the phone otherwise!)
I hope this can be resolved quickly as i am quite dependent on the little machine…!
Thank you and happy new year!
Asger (Denmark)

Please all contact support, as the community forum cannot help with hardware and warranty related issues.

Ok, just wrote to support. Hope they get back soon, I am slowly realising how dependent I am on my fairphone…

Thank you for you quick reply and happy new year!

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I’ve got a similar issue, however it happened 2 weeks or so after Kola nut was installed on my phone (not straight after). My phone is unusable as a result.

Other users have experienced the issue before the update was released, others have reported it as a result of updating from 1.3 to 1.6, whilst with other users the issue seems to be independent of the updates. There’s been lots of posts describing the issue as associated with charging, although there are also cases of the issue occuring when the phone is not charging, or being held on its metallic case.

See topics titled:
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I have made a list of all users I could find who have reported similar issues on the forum: 30 individuals, and this excludes users who may have directly contacted support. That’s a failure rate of 1 in 2000 (assuming both batches). I’m slightly regretting having purchased the phone to be honest; I’ve been keeping off from buying a new phone since March last year, persevered 6 months with an old and tired phone until I got my FP, and it does that in three months with no impropper use.

I reported the issue 5 days ago and the only response I’ve had so far is whether I’ve installed Kola Nut.

What surprises me is that not many (I’ve only seen @humorkritik post a post-repair update) of the people reporting issues have actually provided any information on how their problems got resolved (i.e. repair, replacement, warranty, how long it took them to get a functioning phone back).

To make something clear: This forum is not led by the company Fairphone, but by its community, so it is unlikely to get an official answer (the Fairphone support team seldomly passes by).

Here is a report by @humorkritik, who got his display replaced under warranty:

Also this might help:

My suggestion: Contact Fairphone Support (on the bottom there is a button saying “Send a question”) and wait for a reply. Please let us know, which solution has been found.

I have the same issue, screen is going crazy. I have tried the screen test twice and seemed to go ok, but the problem persists.
I am contacting support rigth away as it seems to be the only option.
Thanks anywasy for the inputs but it seems a rather broad problem - thinking about replacing it.

I did contact Support. By on my part insisting that the problem persisted through all the tests, resets and downgrading of OS that Support suggested, I finally got them to conclude, that it is a hardware malfunctioning. They send me a form to fill out as I could submit the phone for repair. It should be covered by warranty, but first I have to pay for the carrier, I guess, and then they will determine whether the problem is hardware related or not. But I rest assured that it is and I will send the phone when I get around to it.

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Just for the record, I learned that if they repair your FP it on warranty, you should be able to apply for a carrier expenses refund. (Which I did not. But the 10.10€ were a good investment, in any case.)

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Sorry for reopening this thread but I found that when the problem appears I simply lock the screen and unlock it and everything works normally.
I must admit after 1.8 upgrading the problem appears rarely but it does, while with 1.6 it was more frequent; in both case locking the screen seems to reset the situation.
Bye! :smile:

P.S. my problem does not depend on charger connected nor handling the phone without touching the back metal cover.

All of sudden my phone has gone possesed. The touchscreen seems to have a life of its own. it is as if someone was tapping randomly and superfast. Doesn’t respond to any of my tapping. This happened literally overnight, with no apparent reason. it was switched off and when I turned it on it started happening, no previous signs of malfunctioning. It never fell, didn’t seem to have got wet, was in my bag in its protective case. Any help appreciated.

I moved your post here as it appears to be the same problem.
Please do the touchscreen test and if the result is abnormal contact support and show them a screenshot.

In the last few weeks my Fairphone seems to have taken on a mind of its own.

I can set it down on the table, not touching it at all, and it starts rotating between screens, starting the timer, setting off alarms…

This doesn’t happen all the time but I notice it maybe once every two days or so. Any ideas?

Please look at the posts above. Especially I advice you to do the touchscreen test.

Did the touchscreen test and it seems fine. I haven’t seen the problem since installing the latest update so will see if it persists.

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Hi, i had the same problem when charging my phone. Now it is permanent issue, do you have any advice?
I run the phone and test the touchsreen. It appears that the phone detects inputs in the bottom left part of the screen severals times per second.