Random attack of ghost clicks on FP2

Since the beginning, I’ve experienced some of the listed as common issues in my FP2 (random reboots, random bright flashes, screen not turning on, and a lot more of this little issues), that have been annoying, but have let me use the phone without many problems.

But since a couple of days I’m experimenting a new problem and I am not able to found any post or information of the same behavior. Most of the time, when I wake up my FP2, I get a lot of touch inputs on the screen without anything interaction with the phone. And by a lot, I mean a crazy amount of them. I’ve activated “Show touches” under “Developer options” to see some kind of pattern in this ghost touches, and it’s only happening in a specific vertical section of the screen. I’ve recorded this video to show more accurately this behavior. The quality of the video is horrible, I know, but helps to understand the issue. It’s not happening all the time, but it’s happening quite often, far enough to be impossible to use the phone.

I’ve been thinking on what could have caused this issue, and I didn’t updated the system recently or installed any app that could cause this. I tired to reset the phone several times, even removing the battery, but nothing. I also tried to clean the connection of the screen, but nothing again.

I’ve already opened a ticket in Zendesk and I’m waiting for some feedback but, in the meantime, I would like to know if someone else have faced this problem, and if so, if there’s any way to solve this.

I’ve had this problem too, but only over the last few days. Impossible to use it when it’s happening. Again, no major changes to the phone, though I have had to install Battery Doctor a few weeks ago because the battery was running down so quickly (with the top of the phone getting hot, as noted by other users).
No solutions I know of, would like to find one!

I did have exactly the same problem, the left side of my touchscreen did make 'ghost touches and that way my phone did become almost unworkable.
I have contacted the Fairphone helpdesk and have send them a screenshot of an app that shows the touchscreen problem. I have bought a new screen from the Fairphone shop and have returned the old one and got the price of the new screen refunded. This way I only had to wait 1 day (I live in the Netherlands) for the new screen to arrive and I could repair my phone in a few seconds, thanks to the brilliant modular design.

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So it’s a confirmed hardware problem, isn’t it? I’ve also tried to contact with the helpdesk before writing the post, but I’m still waiting for an answer. Despite that, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one with that problem.

Yep, I recommend to give them a call, I got instant support from the helpdesk.

If taking off the screen and cleaning the connectors doesn’t help then it’s most likely a broken display unit that has to be replaced.

If you can’t reach them by phone either post your request number in this topic and you’ll get a reply fast.

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