Proximity Sensor calibration on LOS (Google Play error -505)

Hi there!

I’ve installed Lineage OS (unofficial build) with GAPPS pico on my Fairphone 2. I’m facing the problem, that I can’t access the screen during calls.

To calibrate the proximity sensor, I would like to use the official app. When I try to install it, I get the error -505.

I’ve also tried to receive the shared app from a friend trough F-droid, but it didn’t work…

How can I install the official app (or solve the error otherwise)?

Thank you for the great work with Lineage OS, it’s just amazing! :slight_smile:


A web search makes me believe that this is a Google Play error, which is probably unrelated to the app. Please try these steps (clear cache and data of both Google Services Framework and Google Play Store, optionally remove and re-add your Google account from/to your phone). Don’t click any links on that page as they don’t look trustworthy.

Alternatively you could try to download and install the app via Yalp Store.

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I am not aware that calibrating the proximity sensor is possible with Lineage OS at the moment.

Regarding Yalp Store, don’t bother. Fairphone Proximity Sensor app doesn’t install. It says already installed (it isn’t but I did install from Google FPOS backup which had this installed). Fairphone Checkup doesn’t do anything. Can’t find it on the phone (Settings -> Maintenance doesn’t work). Fairphone Launcher is not official, and doesn’t work either. Fairphone Updater I immediately removed after installing LOS.

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The proposed steps didn’t help…

Doesn’t help with proximity, but you can get Checkup to run somewhat (some things work, some things don’t) …

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For me everything worked in Checkup except mobile connectivity check crashes application.

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I think the point is: the proximity sensor tool was designed for FP(O)OS and won’t work on other OSes.
But also issues with the proximity sensor seem to be quasi non-existant on Lineage, so I’d suggest trying some of the “old” solutions and workarounds:


Hi Paula,

thank you for your answer. The workaround with the power button works so far.

Since it seems to me, that lots of people do have problems with the proximity sensor, I think “porting” the official app to Lineage OS would be a good idea. It would make the OS even better :wink:

On Lineage OS? You’re the first one I heard of, but maybe I missed something.

I wonder if there are more general speed/performance issues than it being the proximity sensor at fault.

Earlier I received an incoming call but couldn’t wake the screen. When I did wake the screen there was no call showing. By the time I unlocked it the call screen was active and I could accept the call.

I had already adjusted the performance profile to Quick under the battery saver/performance settings. I’m now going to try it set all the way up to Performance to see if that makes any difference

Same with me.
Just out of curiosity I tried to install an APK of the tool which I had extracted somewhen playing around with some APK extractor App.
I opened the APK with the file manager, and the installation failed with the message that it would be in conflict with a package of the same name already present.

When I initially installed LineageOS I did it from scratch, but after newly installing and setting up every App I needed I restored a backup of my data which was in Internal Storage back on Fairphone Open OS. I guess something is in there triggering this install failure.

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Yes, I also installed with backup of data which contained the proximity sensor tool. Maybe installed the tool first and then using the backup helps? Is it possible to uninstall the proximity sensor tool in the backup, or before the backup is made?

[quote=“Bianco, post:9, topic:34658”]
Since it seems to me, that lots of people do have problems with the proximity sensor, I think “porting” the official app to Lineage OS would be a good idea. It would make the OS even better :wink:
[/quote]I was testing it the other day and the phone swapped from speaker 1 to speaker 2 while I removed it from my head. So it seems the proximity sensor works great for me. I know, n=1, but if anyone else has issues with the proximity sensor in LOS let us know.

The backup I restored did not contain Apps.
Since I use the Play Store, I blame Google :slight_smile: .

No, I don’t know if it’s a known problem specifically in LOS, but it is/was in Fairphone OS.

I’ve tested my proximity sensor with the proposed app (Sensor Readout) and compared it with a working sensor of another Fairphone. The values in Lux where the sames, so I guess it isn’t a physical problem of the sensor. Therefore I think it’s a problem to be solved on the software side.

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Im on lineageos and also had this problem. To solve this, I open up the phone and clean the sensor. Now it is solved. Happened to me twice and both time it works. You might try this. I don’t know why exactly. :smiley:


Finally I tried it out, and yes: it’s working! :slight_smile: Strange thing, I can’t explain why.

Sorry for blaming LOS for that and not trying out to clean earlier…


Maybe you are not aware, that a brightness sensor and a proximity sensor are two completely different devices. Thus, reading out a brightness value in Lux is not at all the same than the read-out a meaningful value for the proximity sensor. Normally they are just put together at the same place in the phone and also COULD use the same sensor - but the function is completele different I would say.

  • The brightness sensor just checks, how bright the light is (Lux), which hits the sensor area (sunlight, artificial light)
  • The proximiy unit works like a “light barrier”. It sends some infrared light with an LED (also integrated in this device), and analyzes the part of the infrared light which is reflected to the sensor nearby. If your ear, your finger, a paper or some dust at the glass does reflect a certain amount of infrared light, the sensor read-out just tells (coded in Volt) the distance of the object in centimeter which the software uses to decide “should I switch the display off?”). In this process the “FP ProximitySensorCalibration Tool” jumps in and makes a recalibration, IF the glass is not too dirty. Reading out the proper signal for the distance in cm is much more sensitive of dirt than the brightness measurement.

So cleaning is always a good idea and helps both devices as they are mounted in the same unit. But reading proper brightness values wont’t mean your proximity sensor should also work properly.

Just for some clarification for the different working principles…
Cheers, Robert


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