Proving our case: Fairphone 2 is sold out

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When Fairphone was founded five years ago, we set out to show the industry, and the world, that a fairer way is possible. Longer-lasting design, fairer material sourcing, better working conditions, and improved methods of reuse and recycling were our main goals.

The Fairphone 2 was our chance to prove that all of this is possible, and that people are hungry for more sustainable, ethical options. This groundbreaking device has now been on the market for a record three years and nine months, proving that there is a clear demand for sustainable electronics.

It is somewhat bittersweet therefore, to announce that we have sold out of nearly all Fairphone 2s. A few are still available new from our partners, while we have one remaining batch of refurbished units which will come back in stock in the coming weeks, but when those are sold, it will mark the end of Fairphone 2 sales. While the Fairphone 2 will no longer be available in our webshop as of now, we will continue to support the Fairphone 2 and the sale of Fairphone 2 spare parts.

Even though the phone is out of stock, we’ll still be selling spare parts.

What does this mean for you and your Fairphone 2?

As you’d expect, there will still be:

  • Spare Fairphone 2 parts sold online
  • Continued customer support
  • Android development and updates
  • Fairphone 2 sold by a selection of our partners in the coming months (click here to find out where you can buy).

We’ve stockpiled spare parts with the purpose of having them available for a minimum of three years after the last Fairphone 2 is sold so you can keep on maintaining your phone. Customer Support will also continue to answer your questions and troubleshoot with you.

We’ve got dedicated resources working on the further development of Android 7 with the aim of providing security patches and bug fixes and we’re also investigating the possibility of doing another Android upgrade to a higher version. As the only phone in the business that pulled off the Android 7 upgrade on the Snapdragon 801 chipset, we’ve got quite a challenge ahead of us. Where other companies continue with minimal maintenance on supported hardware; we’re now deep into the unexplored territory of software R&D. But those of you helping us on that journey know it’s part of what drives changes in the industry.

With the support of Fairphone 2 owners, we keep moving closer to a fairer industry.

We’re only getting started

We’re all in this together, to change the electronics industry for the long term. We are so grateful for your support and for what we have achieved because of it: the first modular, repairable smartphone, with a user-installable camera upgrade, two software system upgrades, and a supply chain containing Fairtrade gold and conflict-free tin, tungsten and tantalum — all of this to show the electronics industry that a different production dynamic is possible.

Showing that there is a market for more sustainable electronics is a strong signal to the industry – and one that we will keep on sending. What an incredible foundation from which to take our next steps in product development… we’re only just getting started on what a “Fairphone” truly means and focussing on our product roadmap. If you want to stay up to date with the latest developments for our future products – stay tuned here.


I might be misunderstanding but this sounds rather bitter to me.
It’s wrapped up nicely, but doesn’t this post actually say ‘We have stopped making Fairphone 2s and have no plans to make any more’?


Yes, Fairphone 2 sold out, but not the commitment to Fairphone 2 as

And @Monica.Ciovica also says:

So there is a Fairphone 3 coming.


Looking at global developments, it looks as if the recent and upcoming 5G, Galileo navigation and NFC payments are here to stay. In that light, there had to come a moment that Fairphone looks at their Snapdragon 801-based model and say “this won’t last you for 4-5 years from the day of purchase”.
The introduction of 5G in particular will result in a surge of obsolete handsets as existing frequency spaces are repurposed to handle 5G traffic. Older phones will slowly see their network coverage drop to the point of being unusable in a few years time. Fairphone 2 is more sensitive to the downsides of such carrier strategy, as it already only supports a handful of bands. I think Fairphone’s decision, as saddening as it may sound, makes sense from the point of view of their own ethics.

I’ve bought my FP2 in April 2016 after writing off my HP Pre 3. Back then, I looked at the values, the specs, the price and the rest of the market, and was very happy with the offer. Even now I’m perfectly happy with my phone (bar the Android 7 regressions), and in that light I think the purchase has overall been fairly good value. If it lasts me another year, I’ve owned a phone for ~€150/year that’s been my companion while making everybody in the supply chain happier. After that, it’s time to look forward!


Hi RSpliet - as I do not follow the global developments which you mentioned, I found your comment illuminating. If you are right, Fairphone cannot make a phone to meet future handset requirements and this is why it is stopping production. I should like to know why fairphone cannot make a handset to meet the new requirements though.

The news release by Fairphone was heavy on positivity - rightly. But I should like more comment from fairphone about what it thinks is its role in the future. I found it a weird news release in this respect as my first reaction was ‘Oh, they’re in financial trouble and have to wind up business’. If this is not the case, can they explain more?

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Could it be that the “weird news release” isn’t telling the whole story. See the above information from Fairphone which is giving in the first post. There it says:



Let’s bear this in mind:

Duration of the previous product cycles:

• Delivery of FP1: final days of 2013 to spring 2015 = 16 months
• Delivery of FP2: final days of 2015 to spring 2019 = 39 months

=> There were 8 months in between FP1 and FP2


Oh I’m sorry if I my writing was ambiguous. I didn’t mean to say that Fairphone B.V. cannot make a handset that keeps a customer satisfied for 4-5 years if purchased today, but rather that the Fairphone 2, as it was sold, was unlikely to keep such a promise today. I’m sure that if the FP team puts in the engineering effort and start off with today’s state-of-the-art core components (SoC, DRAM, storage), they can release a Fairphone 3 (or a Fairphone 2.1, or Fairphone XP, or whatever the name really) that will again be ready for the next 5 years ahead.


Hi there,

although it’s good to hear that Fairphone 2 has sold out, this news release als leaves me a bit ‘in the dark’ as customer.
I’m still using Fairphone 1, but it is nearing the end with apps not being able to update anymore and spareparts no longer available.
If my current phone really needs to be replaced (any time now), I would like a new Fairphone which will last me five years or more. The message does not give me any clue about the timeframe of ‘next steps in product development’.

Also, I don’t feel like buying one of the last Fairphones 2, as product support is now only suggested for three more years (okay, better than others, but still… for Fairphone 1 it was also discontinued rather abruptly and unexpectedly)

What do you suggest? Should I start looking for an alternative somewhat-ethical phone?


With the update to android-kitkat-4-4-4 you can still use the FP1 with lots of apps.
Fairphone is still selling some spare parts brand new.
As a Fairphone angel myself I have all the spare parts (not new, but secondhard) of a FP1 for repairing a broken FP1 , except of the battery. And I am not the only Angel who has spare parts.
So there no need to look for an alternative.
I trust that Fairphone 3 will be coming before the end of this year.


I would also suggest updating to Android 4.4.4 like mention in the post above. For spare parts, the most fragile part is the battery. There exists a generic battery mentioned here: 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Generic battery to replace FP1 battery (⚠️see first post for warning)
For other spare parts I would reach out to the forum/angels if needed


Yes, with the current technology changes, however sensible they may be, this is best to impossible, IMHO. Chips aren’t produced with that time horizon, and software is not better. The major handset provider offer a new model every year… In that light, offering one for 4-5 years is a tough deed, and as we could see in many discussions, is also not always understood…


Maybe because the core (module) which mainly keeps the handset future proof is (yet) a part that does not advance over time since it has the biggest environmental impact not being modular. If this could be done different also keeping modularity in focus the entire handset could serve for much longer.

Anyway with the FP2 as my first ever smart phone I have made quite a satisfying experience and never regreted my decision. But to mention, I did not upgrade to Android 7. So I am staying tuned what’s next on their schedule.
It looks positive for me purchasing another product from FP.


I will not buy such an old phone. I am trying to keep my 3 year old phone running while waiting for the new Fairphone 3. I hope all this waiting is worth it because I almost bought a phone 6 months ago.


This is, of course, environmentally the best thing you can do anyway :wink: .


I guess I can stop hoping for an improved translucent case now :smiley:


Total Number of Fairphone devices produced/sold?

Thanks, I’m curious :slight_smile:


Exactly. I was very much hoping that the “next” FP would be a FP2 with a new core module, so that I would be able to keep all the other parts. Additionally, the fact that the core module is not advanced appears to be the most common reason against buying a FP. Therefore, I think designing a FP such that the core module can be upgraded would be the most logical step for the future.


150+ k customers
23,000 Fairphone 2s sold