Problems with chargers

I don’t want to re-describe my history of battery charger…
I’ve the 3th charger that does not works no more. (two technicians as already see it)
I’m wondering if someone can show me a link to buy another charger.
Can someone?


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Other than the official charger??

The Fairphone charger is the ideal especially as it supports Fairphone etc.

Look for one that has Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

Here’s detail on the sort of specs you are looking for

and their offers

As an example, the UGREEN 20W PD USB C Charger works perfectly with all my devices.


I have two battery, I would charge one without the telephone. I’m looking for a slow charger (I do not need a fast one, I have two battery, but every time I need to change the battery on phone…)


Please look at these posts

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It look s like they do not sell in Italy
Other suggestion?


Your replies are a bit brief, is that as you are emailing:)

Who doesn’t sell in Italy?

If there is a specific charger mentioned in one of the posts above you could try posting there as the users there clearly know something.

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Just to be clear … you got the external charger as written here … FP3: how to charge battery without phone - #32 by Renato_Pontefice … so you can charge your batteries outside of the phone.

Now you need a charger for the USB-Port of the phone.

Is that correct?

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Is that correct?

Not all is correct…
I’ve got an external battery charger (the 3th I’ve bought)
But from few days… it does not charge anymore…
So I’m looking for the 4th charger…
someone sudgest me this: but they do not send in Italy…

any other suggestion?

Thank you


This one:

Are not sell in Italy…
Any suggestion?

Here’s a website for Amsterdam, maybe contact them

Do you think the contact fits the narrow battery connection

No I just provided the link for you to contact the company. It seems the Kastar charger is made with different contact arrangements. You can read about it in the links and then ask the company if they have a suitable one.

Did you look at the one mentioned on

You will have to check the post and make enquiries to the manufactures or vendors to really know. You can measure the spacing of the battery contacts and find something suitable. From what I understand from your posts you already have bought three ?

Sorry I can’t be of any further help.

Hi Amoun,
The link you show me, led to a furniture shop. I do not find any link to get in touch with them…
Can you help me more?

Thank you


That website sells all sorts of things, scroll down the page using the link.

The one shown is not the one shown in the link to the previous post, the pins are not in the same place, so you would have to contact the shop/company to get the an alternative.

Have you looked at this other one

All of my efforts are only from following the links in previous posts and searching the internet for the models mentioned, you could do that, and better, yourself I would imagine.


Hi Renato,

why don’t you just use one battery and a Quick Charge 3.0 compatible charger?

Best wishes,

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