External Battery Charger for FP3

Similarly to this thread, I’m too searching for an external battery charger for my fairphone, so I can swap my low battery with a full one and go from 0% to 100% in essentially 30 seconds. Are there chargers with which I can charge the battery while it’s not in the phone? (So like a camera battery charger)

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Ah, so it’s basically just about finding a charger which fits a FP3 battery?

I can confirm that the above battery charger alluded to by AnotherElk works perfectly charging FP3 battery, although I think that it only read 90% when fully charged. Probably due to calibration issues battery would need to be charged within FP3 but maybe wrong in this respect.

I use a generic, which back when I bought it was called " Acer Liquid Z6 Charger, Digital LCD Universal Cell Phone Battery Charger USB Port" and it works great. I couldn’t find it any more when searching today. I presume any similar charger for camera batteries will work.

Before the one I have now, I had a similar generic charger for cameras by Onite. It worked great while it worked, but it stopped working altogether after 7 months (disappointing).

Just curious; why would you want or need to do this? I usually end my day between 70 and 80 percent battery capacity and charge for like an hour in the morning to full capacity.

I usually don’t charge my Fairphone over night, but during breakfast. (Wake up 30-50%) Even if I charged overnight, I still sometimes use it up fairly quickly and then need to go somewhere with only 20% battery in it.

If I had a second one always ready, I could go like 4 days without charging (currently I charge my phone in the afternoon when it reaches 20%).

So obviously there is no need. But I’d love to be able to just quickly switch batteries when I notice I’m running low and be on my way with a full charge.

Do you know if there’s anything that can go wrong, if I charge the battery with a wrong charger? Found a universal battery charger lying around but it doesn’t say which is which pole.

If you’re curious, it’s this one:

EDIT: Just noticed now, that it probably would damage the battery in the long term, as it has two metal heads sticking out from the bottom as well.
EDIT 2: I was just using it wrong, I can charge it using the two metal heads sticking out from the bottom, instead of pushing it all the way in.

Hi all :upside_down_face:

So the Fairphone3 battery is a 3.85V 3000mAh Li-ion battery.

I made a few research with all the information shared in this thread. The manufacturer Hähnel propose two models of universal charger.

  • The UniPal mini, that takes 3 hours per 1000mAh, so around 9 hours to charge a fairphone3 battery
  • The Unipal plus, that takes 2 hours per 1000mAh, so around 6 hours to charge a fairphone3 battery

And it is written in the documentation, that it can not charge 3.8v battery more than 80%, because that kind of universal charger is designed to charge 3.7v battery.

It is a bit disappointing, has anyone found a better solution than that ?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Did you read this topic?


Thanks for your quick answer.

Yes I saw that one. But it is not suitable for 3.85V battery, it provides 6.8 to 16.8V. Even if a fairphone user tried it and it worked. Pretty sure it is going to damage a battery on the long run :confused:

I didn’t mean exactly that one but there are others in the topic. :slight_smile:

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