Problems transferring apps to remove internally configured sd card

I didn’t know that I should avoid configuring my SanDisk sd card as internal storage and now it’s all gone a bit rubbish! My camera no longer works and all my photos/videos have gone (fortunately they are backed up). I’ve not noticed problems with other apps yet.
I’m assuming the way forward is to reconfigure my sd card as external storage. I’ve searched the forum and found How to remove SD card configured as internal storage? - #3 by ChuckMorris
The card says there’s 15gb of apps saved, but when I go to Settings / Storage / SD card / Apps it says there’s nothing there. So I don’t know how to transfer the apps back and get things working properly again.
I’d be grateful for any advice.

Ok the link below may not be much better than the one you’ve shown, I’ll have a look at that soon.

EDIT The post states " You can do that in Settings / Storage / SD card / Apps. You have to move each app individually."
So looking at the SD card will not help.

Default apps would be on the internal memory but any you downloaded may be on the SD card…
if you have difficulty you may want to reset the phone but you will loose any data you have collected so at least backup your contacts and export them and transfer your images etc to another device.

Anyway have a look at

OK didn’t remember that, so it’s just contacts you can export and bluetooth to some other device or cloud storage.

Then that leaves just the apps you installed and any settings you have on the apps, screen layout etc.

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