Problem with sd card on FP4

Well, I have had an awfull expérience with FP2 since those
6 last years, so I decided to Switch to FP4.
… First thing I donne: insert m’y 64 GB sd card containing my
music … And, first problem, … Whaou… Even not surprises …

The card is not seen at all, although of course it works on my old FP4:
Can anynody help???
Hope so …
Of course, reformating the sd card is not a solution,
is there anything to do to make the FP4 see an already formated
SD 64 G SD card ?
Thanks a lot

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Why is formating not an option? What card is it? There is a thread where FP4 users share their experiences with working or non working SD cards:


I think the formatting is not an option as it has data/music.

But there is no reason the SD shouldn’t be recognised.

So the solution would be to downlaod the music from the SD card to a PC for example and then reformat the card as Portable in the phone and then restore the music.

If however you want the SD card to work in a PC as well then once you have saved the music and before you restore it check the formatting in the phone can be read in the PC

But it is or at least should not be the only storage for those files. There is for sure a backup and or the source.

That’s the issue for sure, but from the OP’s initial post it seems that is not the preferred option. :slight_smile:

SD=SanDisk? Then thats most likely the reason


Hi all,
Thanks for the answers

For my SD card, for any reason, seems that taking it out if my FP2 made it definitly unusable ! Confirmed on a PC, on another smartphone, none of them detect this SD card.

So I bought a New one, 64 GB, and put it in my FP4: the card is Seen, automatically formatted.
My music was on another external disk on my PC, I’m copying it right now on the new SD card.
Unfortunatly, some other files were not backed UP, since I have never seen an SD card failure before, I was confident about its reliability …I should not have …
Thanks again,

Sounds like the SD card was formated as internal storage on the FP2.

Have you tried putting it back in the FP2 to copy the missing files to a PC, can you access it then? :thinking:


No, even in the old FP2, SD card is no more seen : not even detected “failed”, but just not seen, I’m still very surprised about that !

Thanks for your interest, if you have any idea, I’m interested since I still would like to retrieve some files I have not backed up anywhere …

So is it not possible or doesn’t work in you FP2, if you still have the functioning FP2.

If it does it is probably formatted as internal and the data is only retreivable in the phone that encrypted it.

If you don’t have an alternative access to the music you will have to use the FP2 and transfer the files from the ‘live’ FP2 then it can be reformatted as pportable and the files re-instated


As I said in a previous message, the SD card is also no more readable on the original FP2

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Try using a partitioning tool to see what’s found.

Maybe the partitioning is faulty and the SD card needs a full reorganization to turn usable again.
This process will blank the entire card.
I once had such a case.

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