Problem unsolved by support - what can I do?


I’ve had my FP2 since January 2018. From the beginning there was a problem with the headphone connector creating static noise like a connector was broken. I tried with several (6-7) different headphones and tried all the things the support asked me to do. After a while they sent me a new module which I replaced. I was relieved to find that the problem was gone. A couple of days later the relief turned to agony when the problem came back. Just the same as before. Then they asked me to send it to their repair shop, which I did. They and me thought the problem was somewhere deeper. Perhaps in the core of the phone somewhere. They sent it back and told me there was nothing wrong with my phone. Lately I’ve also encountered new problems, such as a flickering display. I’ve not been in contact with the support regarding this yet. I will read up on the display problem and see if I can solve that somehow.

Back to the headphone connector problem: Has anyone experienced this? What can I do? The phone is warranted and is not working properly. They must be able to help me somehow.

The problem in more detail:

I can listen to music if I’m holding the phone in my hand and is completely still, but as soon as I move or put the phone in my pocket a static noise appears (as though a connector is broken or something). It seems that the noise appears when the connector is pushed in certain angles.

I appreciate any help!

Don’t wait too long, else the warranty could be void (that actually happened) …

“Under this Warranty, you have given a maximum of two (2) months after discovery of defect to notify us.”

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, they could perhaps help to find the cause by swapping modules.


Update: I’ve now gotten a new FP2 free of charge to replace my old phone. The problem seems to have been communication problems within the support team or something. First they said there was no problem found with the phone, but then they contacted me again and said that the diagnosis had shown that the phone was faulty. So I got a new one through the warranty.

I am very relieved.


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