Noisy coloured pixels on my Fairphone 2

I opened up my phone too, and dismounted all modules, but then didn’t see a way of how to remove the mainboard from the plastic bottom - how did you manage that? There are four silver screws that I saw, and one black (directly above the screen connector), but even after unscrewing all of those, the mainboard seemed connected very firmly!
There is a small slit though in the plastic, a bit above your blue rectangle, where I could squeeze in a bit of folded paper below the mainboard; and for now, this also seems to do the trick! For this, you theoretically don’t have to disassemble the modules; though it helped I would say, as I had to slightly twist the phone to be able to slip the paper in.

The black one frees the brown rubber around the screen connector. It you take it apart, the last two screws show up, :slight_smile:. This is not well explained in the iFixit disassembly guide. I (or someone else) should add that info there since iFixit is a collaborative effort.

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My screen issues seemed to be fixed for a while, but have started re-occuring; so I decided to go in and try the full disassemble to get in some more material in at the proper location.

And thanks to those details with the rubber fixation, I could this time get under there more easily! I had prodded the rubber a bit before, but it didn’t really seem loose. Now I managed to disassemble that part as well and get the mainboard loose on this side. And even though it was stuck somewhere on the other side still (approximately at the battery contacts), I managed to get in a thicker slab of paper.

However, in my case, it hasn’t improved things, it rather seems to have made them slightly worse - even setting down the phone softly on a table can trigger the screen to fail again. Additionally, sliding the display back in (when assembling the phone) seemed to be slightly harder than it previously was.

I’m not sure about the conclusion here - maybe in my case it isn’t really the display contacts at all where the problem lies, but some loose connection in the motherboard itself…?

I dried it. Doesnt work. Doesnt change anything. I share the assumption that it is not just a problem of THAT contacts. Because it helped the last weeks just when I bent the phone, nt when I give pressure on the places of that display contacts.

With the continued necessary occasional twisting, my phone now has on two occasions of twisting also decided to reboot. So I assume some battery contact is also affected now by this.

This more and more looks like a loose connection somewhere on the motherboard to me…


And if you still have warranty …

Unfortunately, warranty expired beginning of last year (bought it in the initial crowdfunding). I guess I should still contact support to see what they recommend (e.g. a replacement core module?)

Yes I think the same. I dissambled everything, after the phone were not useable at all anymore. But it seems like I would need someone who explains me how the connection from the pins of the displaycontact to the motherboard works :wink:

Because its very sad, that its obviously just a contact problem and still the only conclusion is to change the whole core modul. ?

:smiley: I tried the oven!

Seems like the display works again :smiley: great! Thank you ElKrasso!

Now the phone stays at the Fairphone symbol. But I am able te reach Team Win. Seems like the 200 degree burned the OS.
I dont realy know what to do further, but I will continue reading how to reinstall the OS in TW.
Crazy journey with this phone!


How long did you let it stay in the oven?
You can enter the recovery?

I’m a little cautious regarding the baking:

  • First, all the places I checked on the web recommended not to use the oven for food afterwards anymore (and I don’t have a non-food oven at the moment)
  • Second, quite a few people also said that just baking like that might make your device work for a little while but the solder contacts will not be redone very well…
  • Also, I’m not sure about what was meant by “Dissemble anything you could from your core module.” - which parts from the core module can I actually still disassemble?

I’m far from a soldering expert (though I have a soldering iron), so maybe it might also work (and is safer) to just re-heat the individual pogo pins with a soldering iron? That’s what I’m probably going to try next…

But I’m very curious to hear more about whether you got your software set up again and whether it works for a longer time! Have you tried booting into fastboot (Power+Vol down)? If that’s working (you’ll see static text - Fairphone, and the phone will be reachable via USB), you should be able to flash everything else again!


A cleaning of the oven after a soldering process should be mandatory as you like to use it for preparing food again.
I described it as a last try before scrapping the PCB. Of course an home oven is not as acurate as a professional soldering equipment, but it can do the job.
The core PCB should not “baked” with any plastic parts mounted on it, like the frame or somthing like that cause it can melt.

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Everything work well again.

I let the coremodul around 13 minutes in the oven, because my mark on some visible solderjoint had not changed after 10 minutes.


Well, you should be a fairphone angel if you managed to revive it.

Awesome to hear that you made it. :+1:t3:


I seem to be having slightly different pixel problems. I had a look through the forums and couldn’t find anything similar. It happens maybe once a week and only for a few seconds. It’s not a screen hardware issue as this is a screenshot.

I noticed it happen in the magazine app attached, but also WhatsApp and when using the camera. Any help appreciated.

I suppose it could be a bug in Android 7, but wanted to check here first.

It’s this one:

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Excellent. Many thanks :-). Hadn’t made the connection to the Night Light. Interesting that it went away when you got a new screen…

Hi all,

Unfortunately I have the same problem since Monday. My FP2 froze when I added a contact. Rebooting gave first only a black screen, later on the famous noise or snow appeared. The phone is still working however, it can be charged and turned off and on. The upper right led does function.

Because I was travelling I only removed the screen today and cleaned the connectors with a dry whipe. Unfortunately it didn’t help. When bending the screen (as suggested earlier in the thread) some changes in the screen appeared (see picture), but still only noise and snow.

It crashed one week after I entered the Philippines, maybe the humidity or heat played a role? I also added a local sim one week before it crashed.

Do you have any tips for either cleaning the connectors again (or with alcohol?) or for how to best bend the screen to make it work again?
I really hope it’s not the motherboard. It’s very inconvenient.

Any tips how to back-up data from the phone without a functioning screen are also welcome.

Many thanks in advance!

I am having the same Problem.

I just tried another Screen-module but it showed the exact samt pixel-Screen as before.
So this can definitely be ruled out.