Primary Microphone barely useable

This is the third (!) bottom module with primary microphone my FP2 has, and again people already complain that sometimes they can hardly hear me, most describe it as if my hand was on the phone.
I cannot tell you how many times I did the recommended tests (Sound-Recorder, Checkup etc.), looked if I can see the microphone through the cover (it is in full view), changed hands and found myself a new window, and at this point in time I’m so frustrated that today I found myself shopping for a cheap (which means un-fair) Dual-Sim Phone. I use this phone to work and have a lot of calls with customers. Everytime I get a new bottom module, after a few weeks people start complaining that they can hardly hear me, some just hang up, and some weeks after that the primary microphone stopps working for good. My guess is this one is not gonna last the summer. I always have an external microphone with me, but this can’t be the final solution. This is my last try to find the solution to the problem.

Please, does anyone have a hint on what could cause this problem again and again? The support routine is to wait for the microphone to fail completely and then send me a new bottom module.

Of course I can’t prove it and I never had an issue wirh the bottom mosule myself (only had my display replaced once over a year ago) but I do have the impression the FP2 is reacting sensitive when being carried in a trousers pocket, probably due to bending and/or humidity.

Since I have my new display I carry the FP2 in a belt pouch (I’m fine with the Feuerwear Mitch 10, alternatives see this thread) and do not have any issues.

This is just a guess though based on my reading on the forum.


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