Dying primary microphone... again (the 4th)

Since I have my fairphone, I replace the bottom module for 2 time, and the people before me replace it one time (it’s a second hand).

Every time, it’s because the primary microphone didn’t work anymore: people can’t hear me (all recommended test done, replaced by warranty every time).

Now it’s dying again, may be 2 month after the last one…

There is a lot of topics on the forum about primary microphone issues and I’m not the only one who had to replace it multiple time : Primary Microphone barely useable

@BeMiGro answered this :

I’m carrying my phone In my trousers pocket.

So :
Are you people carying your phone in your trousers pocket?
If yes, have you already had issues with the primary microphone?
If not, have you already had issues with the primary microphone ? And how are you carying it?

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I own my FP2 since January 2016 and have never had any issues. I do never carry it in the trouser pockets but always in a textile sleeve in my bag.

I think your question is very good and important , because from what I have observed among my friends, I think that it is not good for phones in general (not only for Fairphones) to be carried in trouser pockets.


I own a FP2 since Feb 2016 and carry it most of the time in my trouser pocket (back), I never had issues with the microphone. I have other issue though.

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My FP2 is rather new (Dec 2017) and I carry it in the side pockets of my cargo pants. Didn’t have any problem so far.

You are not alone. I have the same problem. I already change my bottom module. Last time a begin of June and now it don’t work anymore. Normally a new module shouldn’t break in three months.
I carried most of the time my phone in my throwers pocket.

I am also carrying my FP2 in my trousers pocket all the time. It is from January 2016. I never had problems with my mic so far.
In general it is a little sensitive for loud sounds and it distort the sound in concert videos for example.
I really would like to know what kind of mic Fairphone used as the pirmary mic. For sustainable reasons I would like to repair broken mic modules and I also like to test mics with different specs to get rid of the distortion.

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Having my FP2 since Dec 2015
-Display was replaced because of common touch problem
-New Battery
Wear it in trouser pocket, but no problem with the mic
But I do have reboots, especially while or short after charging, I’m on LOS with xposed…

I rarely carry it in my trouser pocket but I also had to replace the bottom module because the primary microphone stopped working.

Hint: You can still make phone calls using the speaker mode because it will switch to another microphone.

At this moment I have another problem. The speaker mode does not work consistently, sometimes it seems to switch to the normal mode.

Thank’s for all of your reply.

So there is no obvious link between broken primary microphone and the trouser pocket ^^

But the most observer of us seem to said that, by experience, it’s not good to care the phone that way, so It could be interesting to start a survey about caring the phone in the trouser pockets and general issues, to confirm / unconfirm theories about this :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this not about the secondary microphone?

You can use a free-and kit also :slight_smile:

For now, I fix the issues by putting a piece of paper between the bottom module and the case, and it’s work well (exactly like my batterie to not make the phone reboot randomly =D ). But sometime people tell me that they can’t hear me again so I have to gently flick the bottom of the phone, a it work good again x) - that make me think it will not work for long.

Anyway, it’s seem that when you have to change your bottom module one time (for mic issues), it often happen that you’ll have to replace it multiple time after. If it’s not the trousers pocket, what it could be ?

The motherboard, or something else that we do?

I maybe let fall my phone a little bit to often.

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