Preferred SIM problem

My FP3+ had two sons installed. SIM 1 is a Three Mobile on a monthly contract. SIM 2 is a Vodafone PAYG.

I like to keep SIM 1 as my preferred SIM for calls, data and texts but each time I restart my phone SIM 2 becomes the preferred SIM for calls. This problem has only occurred since upgrading to Android 11, I think.

Any ideas?

It’s interesting to note that my wife’s FP3 doesn’t have this problem. Her two SIMs are Three Mobile and Giffgaff.

Thanks in advance.


Did you change the slots to see if it still happens? Or do some tests with your wifes SIM cards?

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There was a similar problem with the FP4, so maybe the solution is the same as well: Do both SIMs have PINs set or maybe only SIM2? In that case try to set PINs for both of them.

For reference:


Thanks for the hints.

I have sorted the problem by switching on the SIM PIN for the second SIM so that I have to use a PIN for each card when I restart the phone.

The Vodafone SIM had its original PIN. The default PIN is 0000 for Vodafone SIMs. I changed the PIN and switched on SIM card lock.

All is now well.


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