Preferred sim for SMS message - ask every time


I have an issue with my new FP2 : I don’t have the opportunity to choose the option “ask every time” for SMS message in SIM cards/Preferred SIM for. I have it for “Calls”.
I found on this subject : Proper use of dual Sim card? that I should have this option for both “Calls” and “SMS message”.

I am on the last OS available : OS 18.09.2

Can someone help me ?



Have the same problem, do not know, how to resolve it

Afaik that option is not available in Android 7 and above. But in most SMS applications you can select the SIM used for sending. In e.g. the SMS I use (app “Silence”) you can long press the send button to select.

Thanks for your answer. I gave back the phone to Fairphone for a refund (using the legal guarantee of conformity) because the feature unable/able the sims that they are advertising on their website doesn’t exist with Android 7 and they are not planning on developing it.

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