Proper use of dual Sim card?


I am trying to understand both my FP 2 and the Android-system, both new to me. I had to let go of my Lumia because very few new programs worked there. The FP2 was interesting because of the “fair” part in it…

Okey, I tried to search for a answer but could not find a clear one… remember I am new to this…

The question:

I would like to use simcard 2 for the most part of the day and simcard 1 for work short times of the day, listening to my voicemails and answering them.

Of course I can deactivate simcard 1 and just use number 2… and then activate nr 1 from time to time.

a. Is this the proper way to switch from one simcard to another? Or is there an other way?

b. If I have both cards switched on and wanted to use one of them - what is the easiest way to choose one of them when making a call? The little icon to the right on inputing the name or number to dial? But I have to go thru a couple of choses then…? or is there a way to have a shortcut? A program?

sorry if my english is bad . I am better at swedish or finnish :slight_smile:

One way is to go to


  • SIM cards
    • Preferred SIM for
      • Mobile data
      • Calls
      • SMS messages

For “Mobile data” you have to chose one SIM card.

For “Calls” and “SMS messages” you have the option

Ask every time

If you use this option, you will always be asked before the phone dials or sends the message and you select the SIM card just by tapping onto it.
Maybe there are other ways like using other apps.
That just seems to be the fastest way to me (if I got right, what you want, that is).


Ok, thanks.

That is another way but here you also have to punch the buttons many times.

Ok, and then was the right way to have one sim silent/so that the outside calls are going to voicemail when someone call it – and then I open it from time to time and check the messages… deactivating the simcard is one way to do it but is there another way?

Well, to the first aspect:
You have to select the option “Ask every time” just once. From then on, it’s just one additional tap with every call/SMS.
Just found out, that you can select this option from the phone app as well

Tap the 3 dots in the field where the number is entered

  • Settings
    • Calling accounts
      • Make calls with

Another way besides deactivating the SIM card might be possible this way as well:

Tap the 3 dots in the field where the number is entered

  • Settings
    • Calling accounts
      • Tap on the SIM card
        • Call barring

There you have the following options

  • Outgoing call barring
  • Incoming call barring
  • Cancel all callbarring
  • Change password

In your case most likely:

  • Incoming call barring - (tapping opens the following options)
  • Off
  • Roaming
  • All

Does that help?
I don’t know, if those options depend on your carrier? If that’s the case, you might find different options, but in my opinion this should be possible with every carrier.

Thanks, you clearified a lot for me.

There is no short, easy options that is. Maybe there should be? Or I am the only one wanted to use dual simcards this way? I would love to have a icon on my screen saying “barring card nro 1” or “deactivating card nro2” and of course the other way also, if you understand my thinking?

I will definitly try your different solutions and see which one feels right for me on a daily bases.

Btw, is there technically speaking any difference between using call barring or deactivating a simcard?

Best greetings from a gray Saturday morning in souther Finland! :cloud: :cloud::cloud:

No you’re certainly not. That’s why there is a rule on Android that says “If there’s a use case you can think of, there most probably already is an App supporting it.” … Ok, I made that up just now :slight_smile: .

But you just have to search the Play Store for something like “dual sim” and I bet something that helps you will show up. I don’t use 2 SIMs, so I don’t have any experience which of those Apps or Widgets are really useful and don’t bother you too much with advertising, but since you seem really set on this, you could try out a few …

Oh … off topic, but …

Perhaps the SquareHome 2 launcher is something for you, when you’re searching the Play Store anyway :wink:

I found a couple of Dual Sim managers that should have been the right ones… but none of them worked on the FP2 :frowning:

But the SquareHome 2 made it a bit easier to reach to the settings/sim-cards AND it made me feel a lot more at home with the start-screen. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all the comments in this thread! :tulip:


While we’re on the subject of dual sims- Is there a way to copy contacts from one sim to the other on FP2?

I think I saw several programs doing just that when I searched the store for “dualsim” - try it!


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