Powerbank for FP3

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Im eagerly waiting for my FP3 to arrive, but in meantime I want to buy a powerbank that can support the quick Charge 3.0 of my new phone.

What is the maximum voltage the FP3 can take?

Does it take all the way up to 12 or only 9v?

Some powerbanks list the following charge values. :

Output Quick Charge 3.0): 3.6V-6.5V 3A | 6.5V-9V 2A | 9V-12V 1.5A

So 12 is max and all good?

You can find the information on the support page (or so I believe):

It’s 5V and 1A up to a max. of 3A.
The voltage, as far as I know, is not relevant for quick-charging, it’s the amperage (if that is a valid term?).

As I really love mine, I use the chance to do some advertising again.
The Waka-Waka solar power-banks have an output of >2.1A for quick-charge.
So they might not be as fast as you can get, but they share the ethics of Fairphone (as well as the origins, 'cause they are from the Netherlands):




Quick charge specs:

Up to 22V, at max 2.6A or 4.6A (though FP states max 3 Amp, so my guess is the 2.6A is the relevant stat to use). Comments elsewhere suggest maximum power used by quick charge is 18W, which at 2.6A would require around 7V to reach (and 9V at 2A). My guess is that it will still charge when a lower voltage is provided, just not as quickly. This is just based on the theory, I don’t know if the capabilities of the implementation in an actual device are dependent on other factors.


Just look for a powerbank with QC3.

This article (in Dutch though) from June 2019 is a great review of currently available powerbanks: 32 Powerbanks van 10.000+ mAh: nooit zonder stroom. There’s probably such a review on Anandtech or Ars or whatever as well, in English.

Another option is product search websites (where you can search for details of products to include or exclude). On a website like Tweakers.net (also Dutch) you can search for powerbanks with QC3. You probably have such websites for your country as well.

I know it isn’t a definite answer but it can help a reader along their search.


Waka Waka is fair and nice, but had a restart as the initial founders could not keep it profitable running.

Not fair, but fairly well-engineered I have an “Omnicharge” V1 with USB2, but now their portfolio also keeps several more items including this version with USB-C. Not as cheap anymore as when I backed it on Indiegogo though. But proper Panasonic 18650 cells integrated and keeping an approval certificate for transportation by plane. It’s stated being (one of) the strongest powerbanks on the market. They would also offer to replace spent batteries on return.