Waka waka external charger for fp2

Hello, does anyone know if the waka waka power 5, 10 or + can charge a completely drained battery?

Also, has anyone compared whether the power 5, 10 or + versions of external charger are best for the fairphone 2??

The FP2 battery holds a capacity of 2420 mAh, so the WakaWake Power 5 could fully charge it twice.

(You might be aware of this, but just in case: Do not completely drain your battery if you want your battery to live a long life :angel: Recharge at 20% :slight_smile: )

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Still have to test it, but I do not expect to find any difference in the ability to charge the FP.

I own the Power 10 as well as the Power+ and I absolutely love them.
The Power 10 really is a heavy-weight but feels very good and sturdy.

In my opinion the Power 10 and Power+ are really hard to compare, as they aim at different fields of usage.

The Power+ is lightweight, has an integrated solar-panel, a footstand to position it facing the sun and a torch. The torch can be used with the footstand as well to work as a light for reading etc.
Therefore it is handy and fits into even small lugage for a daytrip charging the phone on the go, sitting in your briefcase.

The Power 10 on the other hand is a kind of sturdy “brick” and definitely not for the briefcase. For solar charging it takes a separate, large, foldable panel. That’s an equipment for home use or for the camping trip. At least you will want to carry it in a suitcase when travelling. Two torchs come as separate parts, one of wich only working when connecte to the Power 10, as it lacks a battery.

But if you will use the power-bank often and maybe for different devices, the Power+ might not be powerful enough to suit your needs.

When it comes to the looks, I love that yellow colour.
If you don’t, the Power+ at least on amazon is available in black as well as in white besides yellow. The black and white versions are no longer available on the waka waka homepage; a while ago at least black was still available in their online shop.


I start charging at 50% (due to my office working hours)

but yep, draining is bad :frowning:
happens when I’m out all day and the battery drops 15% in 3 minutes if I turn on GPS some times, hence a few of drains so far this year…

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Awesome info!

I think I was confused about another aspect but you have cleared that up for me- I wasn’t sure if the power + and the power 10 come with a decent solar panel. I thought I would have to buy the £99 massive solar panels for cloudy UK weather! But maybe not from my further research!

And I hadn’t realised these were on amazon! … Kinda goes against my fairtrade, help the world ideology to buy of amazon though :confused:

Thanks again

You’re welcome.

Just checked the “waka waka” homepage again and realised, that the big solar panel is not or no longer included with the Power 10, as it was, when I bought mine. You will find that package still online as well.

Here are two sources, where to buy. Just search the internet for more shops and maybe even better deals.

At [Solarpowersupply] (https://www.solarpowersupply.de/produktgruppen/solar-sets/wakawaka-base-10), a shop based in the Netherlands and specialized in - well - solar power supply from solar lights and panels to generators. They offer a broad variety of brands and online shops for different countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and EU). Prices are comparable for Germany (as of now, August 2017).
The Waka Waka Power 10 Solar Kit comes at 99,95 EUR (shipping included; free from 20,- Euro on).

At Amazon:

United Kingdom:
At [Solarpowersupply] (https://www.solarpowersupply.co.uk/product-groups/solar-sets/wakawaka-base-10) (see above) the Waka Waka Power 10 Solar Kit comes at 99,95 GBP (shipping included; free from 40,- GBP on). This price is higher than the one on amazon.

At Amazon

That’s a real bargain, compared to the prices in the original online-shop.
I share your views of amazon of course. Maybe in this case, as amazon gives “waka waka” as seller, you need not feel too bad when ordering there.
Just be aware, that these packages do not contain the solar link, therefore the solar panel can not be used to directly charge any other device than the Power 5 and Power 10 (so the homepage says).

The Power+ does not need the panel, but it can be used, with the solar link as connector.

And of course you can charge both power banks like any other power bank on the market using the wall socket and an usb-charger.

Just saw, that the Power+ is a new model with a 3,000 mAh battery, while the older (yellow, black and white) versions still have the 2,200 mAh batteries.
Please keep this in mind and look out for it, when buying one. The 2,200 mAh version might do it for you (as it does for me), but … well, the new battery is about 36% more “powerful”.

No 1: As @Lidwien rightly stated, the 2,200 mAh version has come and is still available in yellow as well. Just added this to my post and highlited the difference by formatting it in bold letters.
No 2: Added the shop “solarpowersupply” as an alternative to amazon.

Final postscript:
Just now saw the Power+ reviews on amazon.com. Some are complaining, that the powerbank’s battery does not get charged in the sun or that it is not filling up the phone’s battery. Obviously I have not experienced any such trouble, yet here’s my thougts on that.

  1. Well, one should not expect too much from a solar panel a bit larger than a credit card.
  2. Possibly there were some flawed devices; that being the reason for the improved version with larger battery.
  3. Just to be on the safer side, I therefore would advise to get a new and improved Power+ if a Power+ it shall be.

Beware that there are old models Power+ in yellow equipped with an 2,200 mAh battery.
Make sure to check the battery before buying.

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