Power bank for FP3

Hi there!

I’m considering buying a power bank for my FP3. What would you recommend?



Any! All Power banks will be compatible with your device, as long as you check it has USB-B output (standard USB), and you have your charging cable.

For more technical specs, all depends what you want as power, but all powerbanks should be compatible. I don’t really understand what recommandations you are asking for.


Well, if you want it to match up with Fairphone, you should have a look here:

Not the most shiny or tiny ones and totally not cheap, but socially responsible.

Otherwise - as @Alex.A already wrote - it depends on your needs and wishes.

And you might take a look at these threads:


Thanks guys for your answers. I’ll check Waka-Waka.
Actually, what I’m looking for is a power bank that would give me enough power for a text or a phone call until I can charge my phone. Nomad usage mostly then. So size and weight are things I’ll need to consider.

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