Poll: Should the Google Apps come preinstalled with the Fairphone?

Currently, the Fairphone does not have the typical Google Apps that come with Android devices preinstalled. In contrast to Android, they are not open source, so many people are actually happy to have a choice. However for novice users, that might be confusing, especially with the current situation that Google Apps (GApps) have to reinstalled after each upgrade. I would like to know what you think: Should the Fairphone come with Google’s Apps out of the box?

  • Definitly yes! Customers expect the Google Apps to be present, it removes a step new users need to take and improves the first impression.
  • Possibly yes: If the problems with updates cannot be resolved, eg. the action and decision to install the Google Apps cannot be done once and forget, but users need to reinstall after each upgrade, it is possible better to preinstall. If a improvend solution for upgrade could be implemented, i would like to have a choice.
  • No! Having that choice is really important to me and makes the Fairphone stand out of the mass of Android devices.

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This is something i personally can’t decide on: Should Fairphone get a License from Google and Preinstall the Google Apps for a more complete Android Experience? What about Choice? I myself prefer the choice and some hassle to being forced to have the Google Apps on my Phone. But on the otherhand: The Fairphone is using Android, owned and developed by Google. There are non-opensource drivers and Applications pre-installed, so does it really matter? And what about the average user, who has to take another step and reboot when using the Fairphone? And the crashes and need to reinstall the Google Apps after each system upgrade.

Answered no. It’s nice to show people that GoogleApps is not mandatory to use your phone. Maybe allow users to install another similar non-google app?

What is GoogleApps anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally I use a lot of google services, however I’m perfectly happy to download and install the services because I feel that to pre-install them would be closing the system rather than opening it. I would rather have the choice, even though I want them.

The only issue I have is the constant reinstalling of them with updates - but that’s an entirely different matter :wink:


I think it’s good that people have a choice. I haven’t had any problems (re)installing the Google apps so I’m fine with the current process.

I hope there will be a solution for that soon. Until then, i would vote for option 2.

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This is my first smartphone and I have had no problem understanding how google apps work so I don’t think it is very confusing.
I use google products a lot since I find them very useful but it is a choice I make and I don’t want someone else (Fairphone) to make it in my stead.
Also I don’t use all of Google apps so I think it would be better to offer to download only the playstore and not all of google apps.


Maybe Fairphone OS should come up with a window during the installation(like in some MS Windows-Versions, where the asked you to decide on a browser…) where it asks you to choose an app store.


voted no. (Re-)installing GPStore turn out to be not that difficult (though after the last update I have serious problems with connecting GPStore again, but that seems to be a problem occuring on all kinds of devices for more than a year, so not directly related to FP). I prefer to have the choice, especially because Open Source Apps keep developing too for alternatives, like on F-droid.

I like the idea of a “choice screen”.
Knowing that a lot of FP-users didn’t have a smartphone before, I suppose I’m not the only one who finds the present situation very confusing. Being a user-friendly phone is important to convince people to use a FP. People who don’t want to use the GPStore, could maybe just de-install it and install something else. Or is this impossible?


You can deactivate the google apps that you don’t need. If you have questions on how to do this please feel free to send me a message.

I am going to revive that old discussion to get more numbers :smile:.

Who has not participated yet? Who does not know how to decide? Tell us your thoughts.

And let us keep that a friendly, brainstorming thread and not discuss opinions here. There a countless other threads to do that. In here, i would like to hear all your opinions and thoughts on that matter!

Happy voting! :sunny:

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In my opinion a fairphone should come with google apps preinstalled (at least the Play store) to comfort users who are not very interested in running individual OS’es, ROM’s, different Appmarkets, etc., but want to have a specific user experience they expect from a smartphone in 2015. (which will be in the most cases stock Android, i guess)

Every Google App should be able to be deleted though, and changing your OS or ROM should be as easy as possible and promoted by the Fairphone platform.

I dont know how Software Updates/OS changes are beeing delivered, but it would be awsome if it worked directly from the phone or the Fairphone Homepage without the use of complicated flashing software.

That would be cool :blush:

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That is not easily possible. You would have to reinstall the whole Android OS to get rid of Google Apps.

Ok… will there actually be Root acsess on fairphone 2?

TL;DR: No. But there might be an alternative OS provided with root access, without support. Or there might be an OS patch. You’ll need to install it yourself either way.

No specifics know but Fairphone plans to make it easy to install superuser access.

Can I still vote?
I say Definitely NO :sunglasses:

If the FP comes without Googl preinstalled the “I want to use google”-people can simply install it and the others are happy w/o it.
Once googl is there preinstalled it is not as easy or even possible to get rid of it without any trace.
It is like cooking a pasta sauce with meat and say to the vegetarians “you can pick out the pieces and leave them on the side”. (= impossible!) Always better to have the sauce for everybody meat-free and if neccessary offer meat extra on the side.
I know, after every system update the google play store has to be reinstalled, but how often is that? And is this really so terrible that it is worth forcing others to have google on the FP?
I think a good community should always look out not to overrule a minority if there is a way round that. :boat:


Yes the poll is still open. Just go to the top post

I like your metaphor with the meat vs. Veggie and completely agree with your arguments. It is the essential part of a responsible democratic system to care for their minorities.


but Fairphone has told already that the FP2 will come with Google Apps preinstalled. I will close the poll soon!

But Google Installation is not as easy as it sounds. It is frustrating to many and causes several issues, just look around in the Forums here. It also requires you to setup your account after each update again. It is not about me and other tech-savy people, it is about people who like Fairphone but just want the phone to behave like every Android phone outthere does. And i guess it makes thinks easier with resellers and carriers as well. I doubt they want to explain their customers buying the FP with a contract how to install the Google Apps.

Very good analogy. And hard to disagree. I live vegetarian myself so you got me here. But i think: You will most likely end up with two pasta sauces. Because you cannot cook a bolognese with meat “on the side”.

And this seems to be the way Fairphone is going with the Fairphone 2.

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