📊 POLL: Fairphone 4 - has any FP4 ordered directly from Fairphone shipped yet?

Dear all,

Out of curiosity I would like to make a poll with regard to the FP4 and its shipping status.

  • Have you already received your FP4 … ? (Ordered via fairphones own online shop)
  • shipping notification (ordered on the first day) - 6GB RAM
  • shipping notification (ordered on the first day) - 8GB RAM
  • shipping notification (ordered after the first day) - 6GB RAM
  • shipping notification (ordered after the first day) - 8GB RAM
  • 6GB RAM - grey
  • 8GB RAM - grey
  • 8GB RAM - green
  • 8GB RAM - green speckled
  • no (ordered on the first day) - 6GB RAM
  • no (ordered on the first day) - 8GB RAM
  • no (ordered after the first day) - 6GB RAM
  • no (ordered after the first day) - 8GB RAM
  • other (please comment)

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I know there are plenty other options. I hope I have managed to catch the most important ones. If not, please let me know and I will add them.


One point that this poll might not catch: There have been reports of the phone being directly available in operator shops in Germany. The poll might not need to be adapted to account for this, but perhaps the wording before the poll could express clearly that those who bought it in a real shop are invited to choose one of the options with the RAM size at the beginning. :slight_smile:


I wonder what you mean by ‘first day’? first day of pre-ordering, or first day of ‘available to order’?

Right, I really wanted to know if FP4’s ordered directly at the fairphone online shop have been shipped. I have changed the topic to account for that. I might adapt the question as well.

I mean the first day the FP4 could be pre-ordered online (the day of the official presentation). The reason behind being to distinguish between the real first orders, which probably also get sent out first, and later online shop orders.

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Shipping for green and green speckled phones was announced to start on November 8th. I think to take part in the poll makes only sense after that date for the green and speckled phones.

I know everyone wants to get their phones as soon as possible, but I don’t really see what this poll will achieve. Some people will get theirs before others, that’s just the way things are.


I think it is still valid to vote also in these cases. If you vote for "no (ordered on the first day) - 8GB RAM" it is clear, that there is no delay as of yet… It is possible to change ones vote, as soon as you get the shipping notification or the phone…

In the absence of communication from Fairphone, the poll can ideally give all buyers that are curious an indication as to when shipping really starts/started for people that ordered early.
It even could prevent some people from bombarding Fairphone support with the question “when does my phone ship?”…


This will depend on which country is being shipped to, the different shipping companies used between transit points on the way and also where in the country. Some areas may also have a lower capacity to deliver packages than others and take longer. So to really get an idea for how long delivery might take for any given area in a specific country you would need to know all of these things, as they can vary from area to area. This means a poll for each country maybe.

We’re more interested in when Fairphone actually starts shipping them, not how long the actual shipping will take. :slight_smile:


Ah, sorry about that then, I misunderstood completely. :slight_smile:

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OK. I have voted too but can’t see how to change later :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

:thinking: Isn’t there a “show vote” button at the bottom?


Yes :smiley:, I didn’t know that. Thank you! I hope I can change my vote soon.

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I hope many vote when they get their phones – seeing the popularity of the colour options is a nice plus in the poll.


At least I got a message from the customer support that my phone is delayed to the 29th Nov - 3rd Dec due to shortages. It’s the green sparkled model. Btw: I ordered on the first day during the announcement


hugh, I would have offer my current phone to step mother for christmas, guess she’ll have to wait a bit more.
It was announced for early november at first I remember.

Seen in the comment section of this video :


I just phone FP Support (for another topic) and got the following info: I ordered on Oct. 16th and it should be shipped today or tomorrow (green, 256GB)


I contacted support on Friday, and they told me that my FP4 (grey, 256GB, ordered on September 30th) will arrive between November 22nd and 26th (in Germany).