Please help - random shutdowns when playing/recording video and screen artifacts

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Hi! I’ve had my fairphone (Fairphone OS 19.08.1) for about a year now with no issues and in the past few weeks it developed this problem where the phone just randomly restarts after a number of these symptoms:

  1. First the screen gets filled with random (usually green or purple) artifacts. Whenever a part of the screen “updates” these disappear. So for example when I am scrolling a website the artifacts appear at the top and bottom but not at the moving part of the screen. Since pressing “home” usually changes what is displayed on the screen completely, these tend to go away rather easily.
  2. When I try to watch a video it will work for usually a few minutes until the video freezes, but audio keeps on playing. If I’m watching a youtube video the annotations also appear at the right time, but the video itself is frozen.
  3. If I then try to select another video it usually just loads indefinitely.
  4. After a few seconds of loading the phone usually just reboots and the process is repeated the next time I try to watch a video.

Recently I have also tried shooting a bunch of videos and noticed the camera was very slow and laggy, but recorded as usual. When i came home however, I noticed that about half of the videos I took weren’t saved at all and the other half where choppy for a few seconds before they also freeze completely (including audio, but the seek-bar keeps going for the entire duration of the video) and completely unusable.
I have no problem with the phone other than these random restarts.

Here’s what I have tried

  • enabling OpenGL ES 3.0
  • force GPU rendering
  • I have created a bugreport and looked at it. But I will admit I am a little in over my head here. I’m seeing a lot of “am_proc_died” messages before the crashes but I don’t know enough about Android to properly diagnose the cause.

I would really really appreciate any and all help, maybe someone can tell me how to properly diagnose this or maybe give me some pointers on what I am looking for in the bugreport.
Thank you very much in advance.

You can start the phone in #dic:safemode. If you have a working backup you can also try a factory reset and check again then. This would all help to see if it’s a hardware or software problem.
In case you are uncomfortable with that you might try to contact #fairphoneangels.


From out of the blue I would think of thermal problems.

If you run a cpu stress test app (like cpu throttling test from playstore) to see how the phone reacts when it’s heating up.

You can see the temperature of each cpu core. Should the phone also start to lag after some time or crash it may be due to overheating.

Look at this (a recent core module teardown)
The pink square is a thermal pad (on top of ram&cpu) used to connect semiconductor components to some kind of heat sink. In this case just a metal cover.
Some are self-adhesive, but not all. It may happen after time that the heat conduct decreases and the cooling becomes insufficient leading to overheating of the corresponding parts. They can be replaced, but complete disassembling needs to be done.
First of all though you should follow @Volker advice and also check if there are more resource hungry processes running in the background keeping your cpu occupied (also consider network access).