Broken core module - graphics - repair Austria


my core module seems to broken. I get constantly distortions on my display. It is strange, but pictures and videos are not affected by the distortions. I added a screenshot as an illustration (it is possible to take a screenshot of the distortions, so the problem is not the display - I already tested my display and its fine). I already did a reset, but the problem remains. The Fairphone support suggested it is a broken core module.

Since everything else works perfectly. I can still make phone calls and access the internet via mobile network and wifi and all other models are still working. Any advice who to contact in Austria to repair the core module? Is it possible to change only the “graphics chip”? Is it worth repairing it?

Thank you for your help!

I suggest you contact the austrian #fairphoneangels and the #austrianfairphoners.


Your issue sounds similar to Please help - random shutdowns when playing/recording video and screen artifacts

There are several suggested fixes in that thread:

  • endisable any blue light filters
  • enable GPU acceleration
  • enable OpenGL
  • starting the phone in safe mode (if the issue doesn’t persist in safe mode, a factory reset may be in order Ed.: oops, you’ve already tried this)

Worth a try!


They say they disabled it in the tread I think.


Thanks - I guess I have to work on my reading comprehension!

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Thank you for your suggestions! I tried all of them and the problem remains. I guess it is not a software problem but actually a hardware problem in the core module. I will contact the Austrian #fairphoneangels and the #austrianfairphoners to ask for any advice where to repair the core module.

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