Please give us a plain FRIENDLY smiley [It's here, thank you! :) ]

This has been bothering me a bit for quite a while now, so here’s my brief request:

The default smiley : ) results in a symbol that in my eyes does not express what a simple smiley should and does usually express: a simple, friendly smile. But this :woot: is not a friendly smile, it’s LOTS OF LAUGHTER.

So far I keep resorting to using the blushing icon because although it’s not exactly what I want to express, it comes closer to what I want (see above) than the icon : ) creates. So far, there simply is no friendly simple smile icon. I would really appreciate if one was available here and could be triggered with an obvious, simple code. In my opinion, that code should be : )


I agree…

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I got accustomed. But maybe you’d rather have these smileys?


Noooo!!! Please save us!!! Smileys should be sweet and simple! And preferably animated:

can’t agree more! That also bothers me in messengers…

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What a pity, the Greensmilies-Project is not continued… :wink: Would be great to see these on the Fairphone Forum! :slight_smile:

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They’re still downloadable… 4,193 of them!

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could not agree more. the FP smile smiley is quite unfriendly, like it is laughing at s.o., not smiling at s.o.

edit: and can we also have the normal sad smiley : ( - with mouth shut instead of this one? :frowning: (which is called ,frowning’ for some reason)


I like that 2016 set. It’s not shockingly different from our already comprehensive set we have right now, but includes 1-2 smileys of the kind I am missing here so far. Plus it addresses @Ruth_FP1’s wish as well. : - )

I assume we cannot just add single emoticons, so it would take a complete new set, right?

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So, anyone who can do something about this?

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:slight_smile: doesn’t work… :wink:

PS.: @urs_lesse you are not the only one to not like the :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m talking to the admins to see, what we can do about the wish for a “plain FRIENDLY smiley”… :smiley:


Prima, danke. :- )

Fairphone good, iPhone bad. :wink:
(just an innocent 20 character top-up)

OK, @urs_lesse and all others: if you provide us with matching smilies in .PNG format, @Techaddict can implement them with the tags : ) and : (.

What have you got to offer? :slight_smile: (we might do a community poll, if there is the need.)


Aren’t :grinning: and :smiley: normal happy smilies?

They are still laughing. I understand the wish for a smiley with a “normal” smile.

I hope more able graphic experts here will provide more perfect drafts, but just to kickstart this, here is a quick attempt to create a and a using elements already included in the existing set of emoticons.

I simply took the smile from the : blush: icon and inserted it into the : no_mouth: icon and elevated the eyeline by 1 pixel. You can view a full-size version of and by right-clicking at each of them and then choosing the option your browser gives you to view the graphic only.

P.S.: Whatever we eventually choose, let’s not forget to make sure the existing emoticon :slight_smile: doesn’t disappear, but just gets a different code.


Great draft!

We don’t know, if we can change existing emoticons, so :) will probably still render to :slight_smile: . It’s more realistic that we create a new tag like : ). I’d also like to see ^^ render to :slight_smile: .

Whoa! Nice one @urs_lesse!

Without spaces obviously:
:frowning: = : (
:slight_smile: = : )
:woot: = : woot :

Unfortunately I can’t use ^^ for the :woot: smiley as @Stefan suggested (it simply won’t let me.)
So this smiley is now called woot (if you don’t agree suggestions are more then welcome.)

The only smiley that is missing now and needs a new tag is this smiley the old tag of this smiley was
: frowning : but has now been replaced by the :frowning: smiley.
Any suggestions for a new tag we can use for this one? (Edit: :omg: maybe? :stuck_out_tongue: )


I’d suggest to call this one : ohno :


Great! So it was possible to replace the Smiley’s in the end!? :frowning: :slight_smile: I like @urs_lesse’s suggestion :ohno:

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