Play Store (Purchases) empty after Storage Upgrade

So, i did the storage updater and everytihng worked as is it should BUT

Now my google play store is empty!

How could that have happend? My account looks like it has never been used!
The problem is not that I have to search for my apps one by one, but all my purchases are gone! That’s really messed up. I called google and they have no idea what that might have been.

Have any of you had this before?


Are you logging with the right Google credentials? Do you get your Gmail for example? Your Contacts?

Please try the following to check for your apps: Open the Play Store with your browser:
Login with the same account you used on your Fairphone and verify your apps are still there.


thanks for replying.

I don’t use gmail or google for my contacts.

I Iogged in from my computer and my phone, cause I was thinking the same thing.
So yes, it’s the right google account - obviously my youtube history is beeing saved and it’s the right one, goes way back :smiley: And just to be sure I tried every other email adress I have.

This is so weird!


I just checked all devices I have ever used with this google account and it lists the phone I had before my fairphone and than adds my current fairphone at the time of the update yesterday. Just as I would have logged in via my fairphone for the first time.

Am i right in assuming you are talking about your app history here?

Maybe you can find some help in this topic:

No, haven’t experienced this before. Your buys on Google Play and all your other items are stored at Google. Fairphone does not have an influence on this. So if you chose the profile that you have actually bought items on, and they don’t appear now when you search this app and you can only re-buy it, instead of the “bought” symbol that is displayed instead, and you have not installed this app on already 3 other systems (you pay once for up to 3 installations per account) then something is wrong on Google side. Contact Google support for this.

No, the app history is the one that’s missing. But the youtube history tells me, that I am not accidently logged into the wrong google account.

If you open one of the Apps in the Play Storeyou have bought, can you install it without buying again?

I am so embarressed: of cause it was a wrong account. It was a gmail account I completely forgot about, since I’m never using it. sorry for the fuzz.

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No need to be embarrassed, that can happen to anybody. I’m glad it’s working now. :smiley:

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