Play Store App deleted

Ahhhh, i have delited my PlayStore App and i don´t know how i can bring it back on the phone. So i´m a Android user since 1 week. Please help me!

You just have to download the apk for Google Play Store. You can find it here for instance:,cxo.54923572/


PS: You can also try out f-droid (if you want to use the chance to get rid of Google Play Store and try free and open source apps instead).

Can you please give some more information? How did you delete it? What version of the Fairphone OS do you use?

If the play store is indeed gone, you should be able to reinstall it by manually flashing the GApps ZIP-archive.

Thanks! Now i have installed the Play Store, but he have no connection. All other apps (facebook, browser, mail) have connection to the internet. The gapps i have downloaded, bit i can´t install them. I have read that i need a gapps Manager. I have found some, but i can´t download it. All the Problems are, since i have made the update to cherry 1.6. After that all the time came a button with " Google apps have been closed". So what can i do?
So i have deleted it with te button deinstall with the hope it will be reinstall automaticly.

I don’t understand what exactly you did and where it went wrong. But it sounds as if you thoroughly screwed up your OS :wink:

The easiest way probably is to backup all your data and manually reinstall the whole operating system as described here:

Good luck!

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Thanks all! I have reinstalled Fairphone OS. Now, all is o.k.

Thanks for helping,


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As you have found a solution that works @Andy_Kempen, I’ve closed the topic to new replies. Let me know if things go wrong and we can reopen it for you.