Play Pokemon go

Which version of microG do you have?
I switched from 0.2.3 to 0.2.3-6-gbee7bc9 and will try it next time.

1.6.6 According to F-Droid, available since 19-05-2016. The version numbering seems to be off compared to the new microG numbers, so I consider upgrading. Adding the microG repo in F-Droid was easy. Looking at the GitHub backlog there were some Nlp updates, which might be the root cause for this issue.

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That’s the way to go (pun intended).

If you get a GPS-fix or network location is working (check with SatStat), there are two causes of the GPS error that appears on the above screenshot:

  1. The app detects Google Services are “not updated” and fail at getting the location → Add as a repo to F-Droid, update repos and upgrade to the latest microG Services Core manually.
  2. Niantic servers for your zone are down o busy (especially if the app hasn’t been launched on your country yet) → Wait, try it later.

PD: As I stated on other post above, I uninstalled the Pokémon GO. I cannot give further support.

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I would never have figured that a game like this would become the stress test tool for microG. I’m happy to see more people using it … for whatever reasons … :wink:


Hahaha, It appears it has become the stress tool too for Niantic servers scalability! x)

I’m happy too for microG. It is a great piece of software and a huge work of Mar-v-in fighting against gigants. It deserves better _app_reciation (pun intended!).


I just want to put this link here, in case someone was searching for help:


I’ve managed to get the microG settings Self-Check to the level where some boxes are still unticked: ‘System spoofs signature’, ‘Play Services (GmsCore) has correct signature’, and ‘Play Store (Phonesky) has correct signature’. Does this matter at all? I’ll try to see if it works, the moment I have a more accurate location reading (outside).
Edit: Apparently Xposed (or Needle for that matter) is required to enable signature spoofing. All the warnings in it put me off a bit. Will it work without it? What change is there I screw up my Fairphone Open OS image?
Edit2: No luck this time, maybe Xposed might make things better.
Edit3: @Roboe I see you used Needle for enabling signature spoofing. I’ll probably give that a try. It might benefit from a nice tutorial though :wink: Google calendar without google play service
Edit4: Success!! Using the Needle solution I was able to spoof my signature, which finally did the trick. I’ve managed to check all the marks of the microG Self-Check screen.
I guess my eagerness to play Pokémon Go on my Open Source Fairphone 2 drove me to properly configure all the Google Services mocking/stubbing/spoofing solutions.


Sorry, I completely forgot about your mention, :sweat_smile:
It’s great you accomplished it! Enjoy freedom, :wink:

Today I was riding my bike along a stream where usually I only encounter other bikers, some runners and a few dog walkers - today the vast majority were young people with a smartphone stuck to their noses. It looked kinda stupid, but also hella fun!

Allright, I’m in! :smiley:
If MaR-V-iN a.k.a. @larma joins the Fairphone forum to help people play this game, then I guess I can’t resist the hype anymore either.
Btw. thanks for the instructions. It was really easy with them.

@everybody who wants to do something good while catching pokemon, getting robbed and finding water corpses please download OpenWLANMap (add “BFF423CCC64D” as team identifier to join the Fairphone team) and Mozilla Stumbler to help populate the free (as in freedom) Wlan & Cell Databases. :heart:


I’m just placing an apparently out-of-topic link here because of no specific reason: TravelerNlpBackend, :kissing: :musical_note:


That escalated quickly, young traveler :slight_smile: Wandering around a lot these days?

Well, not so much. I had the backend working (a bit rudimentarily, I admit) since last Tuesday or so. Game itself bored me (although I love first Pokémon games), so I’ve not dedicated it any actual walk, just a few coding hours, :wink:

I skipped that earlier! HAHAHA, :joy:

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It doesn’t properly ‘works’ on fp2. It ‘launches’ very well, yes :slight_smile:
But, as many have already reported, it crashes after a few minutes of play :frowning: (1.5.1 ; “go-game” crashes, usw)

@paulakreuzer, how exactly did you follow the instructions provided by MaR-V-iN in the xda-developers-forum? I got stuck at the point “Open systems settings -> Apps -> Gear icon -> App permissions”. Where did you find this gear icon on the FP2?
Thanks in advance!!
And @larma, you really rock!!! Thanks a lot for your work!

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This is for Android 6.0+ so you have to skip this, but you need to install Needle (or xposed framework) for signature spoofing :wink:


Previously you could find the guide on how to install microg here and some links on the forum still redirect here.
But the guide has moved there.
(To make Pokemon Go work you’ll have to go thorough the whole “Level 5” guide. For many other apps just doing Level 5/Step 5 will be enough.)


Thanks a lot for the hint!
Now all the marks are checked and Pokemon Go works fine for me! :slight_smile:
@paulakreuzer I took your suggestion and am now contributing to openwlanmap and mozilla stumbler, thanks for telling us! :blush:

But now I have another problem. I switched from the Google-FPOS to Fairphone OSOS yesterday and installed xposed framework via TWRP (which I didn’t know that it was already on the phone; thanks a lot for that, FP-Team!!!) and now I have 2 issues: firstly, my screen won’t turn off automatically anymore and secondly I cannot install any apps anymore for the “install” button in the access-window isn’t reacting anymore.
First I solved the problem by restoring a nandroid backup I did before installing xposed-framework, but after installing it again and also the fakegapps module I wanted to install an app called “BatteryPercentEnabler” and again the install button didn’t work anymore. So either this app or the Xposed Module FakeGapps was the trigger for my problem.
Does anyone know one or both of this problems?

Some hints would be great, otherwise I will restore the backup again and try again to find out whats causing this issues…

Thanks guys and have a great day!

PS: when downloading, I had to choose between x86, arm or arm64 or something. I took arm, that is correct for FP2, right?
Then, when I wanted to flash it with TWRP, there was a box checked “check signature” or something similar. Then, the flashing process was aborted because of failing to verify the signature. When I unchecked the box, the installation was successful…
Could my problems described above be related to this?

The install button not working occurrs while OpenWLANMap is running. You have to open the app, tap the menu button and “quit”. Closing alone won’t be enough.
This is some strange Android security feature that disallows installing apps while some apps are running - it’s the same with apps like lux, that put a layer of color over the display.

hahaaaa, great!! it so easy :smiley:
Thanks again man!!
OpenWlanMap was also responsible for the screen not turning off. there is a setting where you can decide if the screen should turn of or not while collecting data. And it was set on “display on” by default :rolling_eyes:
Now everything is alright again, I have OSOS, Xposed Framework and Pokemon Go working like a charm! :blush:

This really is a great forum!!

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Same problem here. it keeps rebooting. Also after a while (once the screen has turned off) and bringing it back to live, the screen is non-responsive, so you have to close the app and start it again. Very annoying. Does this happen to you too?