Freeze then reboot during games

But what some people say is right, with Pokemon it does not seem to be a heating problem, the phone sometime reboots just 2 minutes after launching the game, and the phone is still coldish… So yeah I would be more inclined the accuse the GPS, seeing that other thread and how Pokemon Go use it intensively.

Same here. Basically you can’t play PokemonGo on the Fairphone. The reboots ruin it. I’ve been having reboots issues before (about once or twice a week) but support never replied to me when I told them. With PokemonGo it’s just unacceptable, after a number of minutes it freezes and reboots.

My FP2 often reboots when I turn on 4G. As long as I’m on 3G/2G only, it works fine. Maybe that’s your problem with Pokemon Go as well…

I would say that it’s not because of the gps or even 4g. I play a couple of games and this issue mainly occurs with one of them, namely Walking Dead: No man’s land. As far as I can tell it’s somehow related to quite heavy network use and somewhat demanding grafics, so my bet would be that the cpu overheats.

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In agree, Pokemon Go doesn’t crash for me if the gps isn’t enabled, (though it’s pretty useless to play without gps).

Check out the thread on gps issues there may be a workaround with using microg? I’m still working it out.

Without microg Pokemon Go won’t work at all. Check this step by step guide to make it work.

It seems that the reboot + warming (when we get enough time to play) still occur and I am now facing other issues (freeze or white screen when catching).
I tried several things like removing/adding the GPS /Wifi… but nothing works.
FP2 is supporting hardly the game Pokemon Go (and anything else Go).

I think that if I use the OS I could get chance to use the app properly but I do not want to try because I am not comfortable with that. I hope a new update of the Android will solve it.

Who knows if this kind of issues has been raised to the FP IT developers? Is someone from FP can prepare some information about the issues that we can face with the FP2?

Thanks in advance!

How did you reduce the graphic quality on your Fairphone ?


Hello! New Fairphone 2 User here.
The phone crashes regularly when using games like Galaxy of Heroes or Pokemon Go.
So it seems this is a problem regarding hardware-demanding games causing the OS to crash.
A bit disappointing to see that behaviour :frowning:

Hello !

For me as well the FP2 reboot with a random frequency when I’m playing Pokemon Go ! Very frustrating I hope that the next software update will stop that.
I think like other people that the problem maybe come from the Gps, because when I’m using Waze the phone reboot a lot too!

Hi all.

I just want to join the choir. My FP2 also reboots a lot during Pokemon Go. Both while it’s cold and warm. I have not found a fix to this.

Also I’ve experienced unwanted reboots whole using facebook, and just plain old chrome. But they are not as frequent as they are when I try to play Pokemon Go.

Normally I wouldn’t reply like this, but it looks like a lot of users have this problem, and I just wanted to add to this.

I have the same issues. Random reboots and high heating of the CPU.
The overheating occurs not only during demanding games, but also during charging of the phone (tried different chargers to no avail, I also have the Fairphone 1 charger, same with it).
The random reboots seem to be just that, random. But they occur more often when playing demanding games such as Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes or The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. Specifically in the Star Wars game, it seems to happen mostly in periods of high network-usage.

Any suggestions on solving or at least lessening the problem yet?

Same here, my girlfriend’s FP2 randomly reboots, mostly after playing ~30 minutes Pokemon Go but there is no real pattern.
It seems to get worse when the phone is charging.

Hello there, you might find some useful information concerning this reboot issue on the Fairphone 2 here:

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This one actually is hilarious, because if it reboots with airplane mode on it will also forget the actual time because of the bug in Fairphone Open OS that I never new did not exist.

Maybe this could be helpful:

I’m not using any games, unless you count Mozilla Stumbler as one, bit I’m getting reboots too. It has mostly happened when I’m on the road and I hit all the points:

  • CPU intensive? Check. I use stumbler, osmand, most probably a media player with bluetooth on and either checking RSS posts or using the phone as a hotspot.
  • GPS on? You bet
  • Gets hot? Indeed, around the chips and specially the metal jacket for the µSD card.

At first I thought it was a matter of getting from cold to hot, but I have experienced 2 and even 3 reboots in a row.

I will be running an experiment this weekend. Here I found that the hardware temperature sensors are still there, so I’m using termux to run this:

while true; do
    cat /sys/class/thermal/*/tmp | tee temp.log
    sleep 30

This dumps those files every 30s and saves the last state to temp.log. There are 16 thermal zones in the phone! At the beginning of the experiment the values read:


I think the 3 -40 actually have no sensor connected (incidentally, my car with a broken temperature sensor reads the same value! I get a beep everytime I turn it on because it thinks it’s below freezing point :^)

Let’s see what this finds!

Well, not much :^(

I found reboots while cold and while hot. More often when hot, so temperature might be a part of it, but not all.