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I don’t actually have a fairphone but I’d really like to get one. I’m also really interested in Pokemon Go and I was wondering if anyone had already tried it on their fp. It would be awesome to hear reviews, thoughts or recommendations on this!


There are **Pokemon-Go** versions in the wild with trojans. I have only a German link: [](
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Warning 2

If you want Google out of your datas, then don't play Pokemon Go, because the game has every right to read your Google-accounts content. I again have only a German article: [](

Not that I care about this stuff, but here are some links about the company (Ex-google …) and the issue. It looks iOS related:

About the company:

I tried. Works on Fairphone 2.

I uninstalled it yesterday, but I’m writing here some interesting things for the record:

  • I played on Fairphone Open OS (without Google Services) with no trouble. I think microG is needed for network location at least, but didn’t tried without it.
  • You can access without a Google account. There’s a login with a account. Just register and play.
  • FasterGPS helps so much to get a GPS fix.
  • SHA256 sum of the APK I got on launch day (it was impossible for it to be hacked) was 8bf2b0865bef069cd854492dece202482c04ce9c5e881e02d2b6235661ab67

I’m playing with google apps installed in the UK via a google account and it works but my phone gets very hot and the battery doesn’t last very long. Might be to do with my poor connection via GiffGaff.

Is there a way to play Pokemon Go?

As far as I know, it’s not compatible with Android versions below 4.4, yet there’s only 4.2.2 available for the FP1U.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

There’s an update in development, see the post below (click through, for some reasons the links are gone in the preview) for the link to the blog article and related forum topics:

There’s also an unofficial version of 4.4.4 available, but I’m not sure whether Bluetooth LE devices were working properly. Naturally, use is at your own risk, and make sure to fully understand the procedures and limitations before you start:

Thank you kindly for the quick reply.

You could also become a tester for the official 4.4.

You are not the only one who applies for testing because of Pokémon GO:

(Credits go to @jftr)


One thing to consider though: FP2 has issues with “Go” Games (phone gets hot and reboots) so playing them on FP1 likely causes even more issues.

That’s not an issue of the FP2, it is normal! All phones get hot and suck the battery empty while such games as Pokemon Go are played on them.

This game is played outside, so the screen is kept bright, the CPU has to process at hight range and the graphics-processor is very busy. Result: battery is empty in no time and the whole electric energy changes into warmth law of the conversation of energy.


That doesn’t really explain the “reboot”-part in the problem, I’m afraid. I hope this is not a real bug, it would be very problematic for FP if there is a whole range of (popular) games that can’t be played on the phone!


That means Pokémon GO players need to purchase an external battery (also called “power pack” or “power bank”). I have found a new product which Fairphone can sell.

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To late: look here:

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Well, if anyone is still interested, I tried Pokémon Go with the FP1 and the android 4.4 alpha update. So far it works. Yes, the battery drain is very noticeable, but that seems to be an issue for most players.

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That are good news. Are you using the play store?

Yes, I am. :wink:
However GApps are not yet supported by the alpha update, so I had to manually install OpenGApps to get them to work.

I have Open OS with microG, faster gps and Google Maps but I stuck on this sceen and can‘t do anything.

Google Maps get a gps signal but Pokemon GO doesn‘t. I tried waiting 15 min. under blue sky, restart, reboot, reinstall,…
Nothing help :confused:

@Robsidobsi Same here, even though I have a confirmed GPS-fix. Maybe an update of the microG code might help?