Pickup incoming call on locked phone

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This sounds silly, but a pin locked phone seem unable to pickup an incoming call. When the call arrives clicking the power button the fp2 shows time and status but not a way to connect or dismiss a call.
how do I setup the FP2 with pin lock to make it possible to take the call?

You should not have to press the power button at all - with an incoming call the screen should light up.
Check if the phone app has all permissions it needs.


Are you using the app “Greenify” ?

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Nothing lights up, I only hear the ringtone. Greenify I don’t know, so no, not installed.

Actually, even when the phone is not locked, the call screen does not come up by itself. I have to swipe through the notification menu to accept the call.

Nobody? Is my phone kaputt? It started after the last update to Build 10.08.1. Is there a warranty to a phone that is about 4 years? Can I roll back the last update?

So what do the permissions settings for the phone app look like?

EDIT: might also be in a separate notifications setting menu - not sure for Android 7.

Contacts and phone. Interestingly it also had the “Zonder geluid weergeven” switched on but it sill gives an normal ring tone…

EDIT btw the telefone app is set as the telefone app

I’m a bit lost as to where which settings are exactly on Android 7 - as said there may be an other menu for notifications that allows app-level control. If that also doesn’t work, a factory reset might also work - but make sure you have all your data backed up (including e.g. SMS) so you can restore what you need later.
The reason for thinking permissions issues is that this issue was relatively common on Android 6, where it definitely was a permissions issue. Unfortunately, Android 7 seems to handle notification permissions differently, which means I’m lost as to where to find the relevant setting.

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Maybe this helps you:

and the solution:
…This was a good opportinity to clean the phone from inside, now the calling screen is working again, at least for the moment.

Maybe the proxyimity was too full of dust, and the software could not handle the situation and behaved idiotic, …

Picking up a call is working again since then


No, the screen does not stay black when it is unlocked, The screen on whatever it was on. I expect the phone screen to move to anser or reject the call (e.g. the green and red button)

I reset the phone to factory reset. Still the screen does not go on when a call is coming in.

The FP2 does not show a screen on incoming call.

Reset the FP2. Not helping