Pickup incoming call on locked phone

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#dic:safemode <- is a link to an explanation.

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I tried the link, there is nothing there.

There are no more dic:safemode topics.

That’s odd, for me it leads here, does this work? …

If not, here’s what it says …

Safe Mode

Not to be confused with #dic:recoverymode

Safe Mode let’s you boot up your phone without any third party apps. Sometimes you might end up in Safe Mode automatically but you can also do it manually to check weather an issue you are having is software related.

Note: On FP1 the popup doesn’t say you’ll reboot into safe mode, it only says “reboot”.

Another option to get to safe mode is to power off your device and while powering on again hold down volume up and volume down until the phone has finished booting.

You know you are in Safe Mode if the words “Safe Mode” are written in the bottom left corner of the screen.

:warning: In some cases accounts get lost after safe mode. If you are rooted, back up your accounts with #titaniumbackup.


Maybe you’ve missed the red marked entry?

That’s again a link and it leads to the information pasted above by @AnotherElk


Thank you, I did not know I had to click on the red warning! A bit confusing for me, but thank you and also to Another Elk.

Yes I can. I a call comes in the screen stays black I cannot answer the call