Incoming call leaves screen almost blank, except for status bar on top, maybe proximity dust

I have a problem like this one:

when I’m called I can’t accept the call, because there is no button to do so.

proximity calibration, #safemaode and other tips from this thred didn’t help

when I’m fast enough I can swipe doen the statusbar, onlock the phone and get a litte button “take call”
but most of the times I’m to slow and have to call back.

any ideas?

This problem is there around for about one month (I really don’t get much calls)
newer versions of LOS 15.1 didn’t help, older versions not tried yet

Don’t want to reset the phone, b/c of encryption and work profile

This is what it looks like:Black%20Caller%20Screen

I don’t have the problem myself, so I can’t tell for sure, but maybe it might be related to app settings, notifications or permissions.
These are my settings (LOS 15.1):

Maybe you can crosscheck with your own settings and see if adjusting them to mine helps (in case they differ at all).

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Thank you, but the settings are the same!

Yesterday I bought a new bottom module from @paulakreuzer at the Südwind street festival in vienna because the USB plug didn’t stay plugged in anymore.
This was a good opportinity to clean the phone from inside, now the calling screen is working again, at least for the moment.

Maybe the proxyimity was too full of dust, and the software could not handle the situation and behaved idiotic, Paula also didn’t see such a behavior before
I don’t think that the bottom module was to blame, but I needed a new one anyway.


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